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  1. withnellmoor

    Lanber Field 12b 28inch barrels O/U

    Gun now sold....many thanks for all the pm's Regards Kev
  2. withnellmoor

    Logun S16S Spares or repair with bag

    Many thanks for all the pm's Gun now sold pending the usuall....
  3. withnellmoor

    Logun S16S Spares or repair with bag

    Had a load of grief mate and to be fair dont need it any more......before the service excellent ..have my FAC now.. Or will swap for lamping kit ???
  4. Lanber Field 12b it decent nick but has been used as training gun and knock about gun when feeding,, is M/C but only have the chockes in it..oiled stock...ejector.. Face to Face only please...will get some pics up in a bit when I can find the camera £100 Thanks Regards Kev http://www.flickr.com/photos/19071354@N00/6738075265/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/19071354@N00/6738077291/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/19071354@N00/6738079425/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/19071354@N00/6738076315/
  5. Logun S16s for sale .22............. went away for a service and not been able to zero it since....hence spares or repair...comes with bi pod... Logun S16s bag.... 3x9-40 scope...has filling adapter and 3ltr bottle but out of date now...in decent nick... will get some pics up later...WONT SPLIT... just want it gone as dont need it any more...Please no timewasters... £150 face to face only Regards Kev
  6. withnellmoor

    Anyone got an e-collar for sale

    Has anyone got a canicom collar they want to sell???
  7. withnellmoor

    Hella roof mounted lamp

    Payment sent Jimmy Regards Kev
  8. withnellmoor

    lining a bitch

    We mate ours on the 12 and 14 day.... not missed yet..
  9. withnellmoor

    shock collars

    E collars are the lazy way to correct a dog...... strap the collar to her nipples and every time she talks zap her... Regards Kev
  10. withnellmoor

    working lab...but not kc reg...

    Whats more important to me is health screening of a lab..The KC are good for recording the screening results on pedigrees so if you do breed ..the people buying pups do so in confidence...If your happy who gives a monkey what others think??? Regards Kev
  11. withnellmoor

    Litter price

    Yep thats the one.. kept it out the ditches this year mate
  12. withnellmoor


    Im with Natasha on this one..........however Derek at Verstone is a top guy.3 weeks though with a dog as you described is pushing it... Regards Kev
  13. withnellmoor

    Litter price

    Mainly go beating their mate...help out picking up every now and then...
  14. withnellmoor

    ESS breeders

    Colin Myers Dutton Dog House...David Myers Bottlingwood Gundogs...Rodger at Kirkham Gundogs..Derek at Verstone...I know of a few cracking litters at the moment if you want to send us a pm.. Regards Kev
  15. withnellmoor

    Litter price

    We moved away from their about 5 years ago mate...up by Whitewell now.. Regards Kev