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  1. wish i had room for one more very handy cross atb with them
  2. Here's a bitch from the same litter.
  3. Just of few pics of 6 and half month old collie greyhound whippet pup 19 1/2" TTS.
  4. are those the only dogs he's selling . looking for a whippet or whippet cross im going to be in the area for a couple of days soon
  5. how's norm got my first lurcher off him in 1984 cracking rabbiter even sold a few rabbits for him
  6. my old colliex used to catch woodcock when out lamping do the same thing pity woodcock fav eating keep thinking to get collie lurcher again instead of whippet
  7. used to get £1.50 for skinned rabbits back in the early eighties was still in school managed to sell around 30 on good weeks felt like a millionaire
  8. cheers for replies last lurcher a collie cross used to get a few retrieve them alive but drop them at my feet used to loose most of them put rabbits in my hand couldn't break her of habit
  9. just a quick question to those of you who work whippets. do they take readily to picking up pheasants? i've got permission on a couple of large farms in hampshire allowed to take a few pheasants with the rabbits. going to be getting a pup soon
  10. was from pembrokeshire living in hampshire last 7 years
  11. almost decided on a 3/4 greyhound colliethanks anyway
  12. thanks for the welcome now got to decide what pup to get most prop collie x
  13. hi everyone recently decided to get another lurcher after my after my 15year old collie greyhound cross died couple years ago was a good allrounder . been interesting looking round forum
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