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  1. pickaxe


    many years ago i saw a few dug, a hard dog used to heavy quarry had no trouble holding one pinned twice the other terrier a out and out bayer also held in a stop end but when daylight hit the otter was off in a flash Thats a great print Tom
  2. pickaxe

    me bitch

    She's not that badly marked,and what's wrong with a few signs of work if its legal.She looks a hell of a lot better than some of the poser's on here. she's is not a young bitch and what marks she has are from many seasons at work,hell of a ratter
  3. pickaxe

    me bitch

  4. pickaxe

    me bitch

    some bigs rats shes been doing
  5. pickaxe

    bit of info

    if it was mid 90's a dog a called blackie oned by edwards who said the dog was bightmoor, add went somthing like -put this dog over your bitches and by a new spade ?
  6. pickaxe


    a mate of mine had a very good worker from this line
  7. pickaxe

    choc pup 9 and a half months old

    good luck with him
  8. pickaxe

    kerry blue at trials

    this says blue terriers, i'm not sure what type they are ? http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=19874 don't think much of these dogs if these where the tests !
  9. pickaxe

    Print for sale

    thanks for letting me know mate , seems the post is a bit slow
  10. Dave was gentleman and a good friend, a dedicated terrierman in all respects his work with the club, the hunt, countryside Alliance, you name it if it helped promote terrier work he was there A great loss to the terrier and hunting world My thoughts are with his wife and children at this very sad time R.I.P Mate
  11. pickaxe

    Print for sale

    Very nice. Did you paint/draw them? glad you like it, yes i Drew the original in graphite stick and pencil
  12. pickaxe

    Print for sale

    cheers mate
  13. pickaxe


    long tail only harm it in the show ring
  14. pickaxe

    Print for sale

    thanks for the nice comments Trade inquirers also welcome pm only for details ,