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  1. fattttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lol

  2. sunna

    Sealyhams. Anyone working them?

    ok lads not one for talking mutch but ave got 2 of CR sound bloke realy lucky to get them as i was starting up again with the dogs again a few year ago now crackin dogs.
  3. sunna

    bull x for stud

    cur stopper was my pals da's dog the dog was called { sunny} a wish we were in to lurchers when we were kids cos we would ove had some our self a think the dog went up to scotland when he was aboot ten. The best bull a seen crackin dog
  4. sunna

    Plummer terrier for sale

    Plummers dont hammer foxs best kept for ratting but good at that.
  5. sunna


    A good hard dog gets no scars the take no shit.
  6. sound little bitch that mate its chrissy micky lost his bitch bud al be in touch aboot comin up for a look oot speak to you soon.
  7. sunna

    Lurcher for sale

    lukey its chrissy get in touch comeing up next month got somr good stuff in now