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  1. Afternoon all, I'm trying to make contact with THL member adamdutton, he has not signed in for a long time, if you know him can you ask him to check his pm's or contact me here, many thanks.
  2. GHT

    Staff Pup

    I'm after a male staff pup, won't pay silly money, can wait for the right one, PM me if you got anything please. ( don't want a blue or an all white ) thanks.
  3. The working pit bull, Jessop. Sold, thanks.
  4. Coney catcher sold, thanks.
  5. I have a few books up for sale in the classifieds,check em out. http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/321831-books-for-sale/
  6. list of books I have for sale, all good condition, p&p included for UK, payment by paypal, pm if interested, cheers. little dogs with big hearts DARCY £50 of dogs and deer DARCY- boxed £60 digging the dirt 1,2 & 3 each with a dvd J BLUCK for the 3 £ stormy nights and frosty mornings PAUL DOOLEY £15 country mischief DIDRIKSEN £15 thirty years ARMITAGE £10 memoirs of the pit MEEKS £10. best of the best ZINETTI £20 the apbt, 1,2, & 4 STRATTON for the 3 £75
  7. Hi midnight, I would like to take two of the smaller ones please, pm me on how to progress, cheers bud.
  8. i have a small inbred bitch, full of beans, my favorite to date.
  9. Cheers foxing machine, glad it arrived ok.
  10. i make my own, but do fancy a certain expensive one, like anything its all personal choice based on the worth/value it has to you, i wouldnt be spending £ on trainers for my lil one, the rate she is growing its £35 max lol
  11. i tested a dog for genetic fault before i bred,a close breeding so wanted to try to stack things in my favour.
  12. GHT


    hello slogger, pm if you are interested pal.
  13. GHT


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