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  1. flyboy

    Chalky And The Match Men

    Seen chalky and the boys, and the match men and have to say they are the best I seen yet, well done bigliks
  2. flyboy


    Good luck to you tommy, and all the lads up the north of the country
  3. flyboy

    Irish Fly

  4. flyboy

    Jeyes Fluid

    The best thing ever is called chloris 25liter drums for 20 quid kennels smell like your in a swimming baths
  5. A crackin. Lookin pup there best of luck with it
  6. nice pup you got there ,best of luck with it
  7. flyboy

    Chalky And The Boys Pups

    we were the last out that night and had no hope of a taxi only for iceman coming all the way back for us we be still there ,but we had some laugh on the way back to hotel
  8. flyboy

    Chalky And The Boys Pups

    What a cracking day it was and great company what about macatack going around bumming everyone for a photo, talk about being disgraced,
  9. flyboy

    Greyhound Vet Ireland

    is that out bishops town,is he a greyhound vet yes ,and a lot of greyhound lads use him
  10. flyboy

    Greyhound Vet Ireland

    richard healy ,westside vets ,right across the road from the tax office ,very good and very fair in his prices
  11. I remember seeing a film about the Sea trout in puerto del fuego many years ago. It really captured my imagination. The same film (I think) showed the catching of 5lb wild brownies from what we would class as streams. TC i seen one of paul hogans fishing programmes where he hooks a 23 pound sea trout on the fly and the fish decides to head back out to sea,paul being on a high bank has to run down river to keep up with the fish
  12. for me it would be sea trout in argintina ,a place called puerto del fuego,or the florida keyes for the tarpon ,unreal
  13. flyboy

    Ireland Coursing Rules.

    for all those who are not from ireland ,the shades are ,the police ,or the gardai,rodger over an out