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  1. Wyre Valley muck boots View Advert Hi I have a pair of muck boots size 7 worn no holes good sole hardly used for sale I use waterproof socks an old trainers that's why am selling them a bought them for £80 looking for good offers Advertiser #1poacher Date 22/09/18 Price £40.00 Category Clothing and Footwear  
  2. Hi its bin a while a ything good happen ING an is rebecca joanne Bush still on here
  3. Hi anyone mating a saluki x saluki greyhound for now or next yr thanks
  4. Is there anyone that will be mating saluki x saluki grey nxt year or now thanks
  5. Hi people can someone tell me how to get a saluki looking saluki x grey is it 7/8 saluki 1/8 grey or am I looking for a 2nd x as not looking to buy a greyhoundy dog wanting something with feathers like ma old dog thanks
  6. yeah they have nothing on pdc darts but a think the venue doesn't help and the prize to low
  7. will I be able to delete it
  8. a put a post on for sale and someones put a price a ridiculous price may a say
  9. hi how do you unlock a topic [BANNED TEXT] as edited a post and locked it
  10. they were adver for £100 when a saw advert
  11. no they not of here they from shildon
  12. hi folks do I or don't I but a new pup pure saluki with no papers but am not bothered about that, the last dog I had I had to have him put to sleep as he was to old 14 yrs I had him great dog saluki x grey. these pups are saluki an only £100 was thinking about building another kennel but wanting it 20ft long and wasn't thinking about getting it done till the summer well decisions
  13. like that dog gonna get my self another nxt summer as ma old 1 had to be put to sleep 14 yr old
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