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  1. This is a public anouncement with guittars

    1. Bosun11


      Know your rights all three of them

    2. Penda
  2. Looking for a Gsp stud for my bitch midlands area

  3. any body know where i can get a decent 2 piece spade from

    1. pip1968


      i think ive got a broken one in the shed lol

  4. lurchers in sick bay for abit god dam it!!

    1. paulus


      happens to us all mate, dont make it any easier especially when it was all caused by something stupid.

  5. dont mess with a tough guys mustache!

  6. nights this week and the lurchers have just come out of season bring on the weekend

  7. purple people eater!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. tits....backsection.....growler.......!!!!!

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      Chats,robbie fowler & fire exit ?

    3. Lab


      Chebs, Chocolate Starfish and Clunge

    4. Penda


      puppys noses,dirt pipe,sheriff badge

  9. put your finger up your nose and blow bubbles out of you bum hole!!!!

    1. Penda


      yeah thats it mate a good old follow through



      You been with them gay niggers again mr penda ?


    3. Penda


      ha ha ha ha ha ha gay spear chuckers

  10. any body got a good 3/4 greyhound 1/4 deerhound dog for stud

  11. im out 2nite for a mooch aint lamped me pup for a few weeks

  12. gona take the pup out for a lamp lata me thinks

  13. my pigeon lifts up just gotta felt the roof and everythings coo coo cool

  14. cant waite not long now!!!!!!

  15. loose lips sink ships!!!

    1. fcuktheban


      And loose cu*ts make a friendly night.

  16. im to sexy for this shirt!!!!!

  17. break a mirror roll the dice

    1. jeppi


      dont sit down cos av moved ya chair

  18. The original fire has died and gone but the riot inside moves on !!!!

  19. im sure i saw earth walk past mine in a pair of arseless moleskins linking arms with gary middleton!!!!

    1. welshhound2


      more like garry gliter lol

    2. Penda


      nah he was in the car park up the road with tinted windows could be picking them up though

  20. if my misses dont do me a cup of tea im gona beat her to death with a wet teatowl!!!!

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    2. long dogs
    3. "Earth!"


      penda, smash her shitter in with that little weaner you have.

    4. Penda


      thats disrispectful ask your mrs she,ll tell yah how big my tool is!!!!

  21. this whole bored thing aint healthy for me i can feel an agressive explosion on its way!!!!!!

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    2. Penda


      ha ha ha ha ha yeah but the mrs doesnt get it yet i just knock her about and tell her to make me sum pie

    3. "Earth!"


      more like knob exsplosion, all 2ml of the watery juice..

    4. Penda


      yeah all in your face !!!!!!

  22. shes gone 1 in the oven but its nothin to do with me!!!!

  23. i wanna be iron like a lion in zion!!!!!!!!

    1. miss lurcher bitch

      miss lurcher bitch

      i thought you were lol

  24. TOO MANY turd burglars roaming round for my liking i think we need a cull!!!!

    1. Simoman


      I agree....can i bash your back doors in?


    2. scothunter
    3. Penda


      why certanlty sim

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