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  1. mark

    Lurcher Pup

  2. Hope you are right there fellah Been using Steve Albano's (Trapline) traps for a while now, and they are ideal for certain situations.. I've also got some 'No-Mole' (French style) traps coming in, for a tryout,..they seem to be a tad on the awkward side, compared to my Talpa's,..but, I will certainly give them a fair crack of the whip,..WHEN this fecking shite weather, finally breaks yes they are a bit fiddely to set when you hands are numb and wet but i have been catching with them the only down side is that you have to set two of them compared to one half barrel but they do have thire uses make sure that you peg them down handy little trap though KC70 and i also will be glad to see the back of this weather work starting to back up now.
  3. I was refering to the trapline KC70 Steve.
  4. mark

    The busiest terrier . . ..

    lovley shots they look quite dramatic in black and white well done.
  5. Very good effort but sadly it needs to be approved like the trap though
  6. Can anyone help I have loads of Molecatching pics I am trying to up load but cant not sure why the message keeps telling me to contact admin any ideas anyone
  7. Merry Christmas Swansea Jack form www.markpaynemolecatcher.co.uk.
  8. flat out trapping

  9. Being a professional mole catcher and have caught moles over the last 32 years I find that most mole traps need to be tuned before use I buy alot of my traps from the flat pack and have to say that they are a well made trap but i still tune them there are about 10 points that need doing.As regards to weathering I have caught many moles with traps straight from the box as long as you set your traps correctly you will catch your traps should be striking just behind the front legs thus causing massive trauma to the chest cavity this will insure instant death to the mole .If you need any help please feel free to pm me or if you want give me a call
  10. I am a professional mole catcher based in Gwent I am a member of the Guild of British mole Catchers I have been catching moles for apex 32 years I have also had working dogs all my life not much i haven't done but always willing to learn for other people's experience's I tend to keep my self to my self but if I can be of any help please feel free to pm me

  11. I can confirm this i am a professional mole catcher i have used the half barrel for the last 32 years but was introduced to these traps earlier this year and find they work a treat in this cold weather as they fit inside the mole run so they will not freeze up like the half barrel when we have heavy frost overnight.They also reduce the amount of disturbance to the run its self .
  12. mark

    whippexgrey x whippet x saluki

    Put some better pics up daffyd is she house trained ?
  13. mark

    bitch for sale

    do you still have her