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  1. valley boy

    Nv Suggestions?

    i got a yukon photon 6.5x50 shot a fox the other night 200 yards got a t67 ir torch on top of it for a bit more distance well happy with it its on a browning xbolt 308
  2. where in wales are you i got some cracking lamps for sale £45
  3. valley boy


    there must be something wrong with your gun mate what subs have you tryed
  4. valley boy


    just bought a 10/22 a few months ago and it shoots just fine winchester subs have`nt tryed anything eles
  5. valley boy

    Ruger 10-22 Zeroing Problems

    just going to say it could be the mod my mate had the same problem took is end sight off and its right now
  6. valley boy

    Angola Bans Islam

    about time thats what we shoul do ban the lot
  7. valley boy

    White Fox

    had this one the other month
  8. i recon they should give us something every time i go to my farms it cost about 30 quid in fuel thats without amo and everything else
  9. valley boy

    The End Is Nigh

    better stock up on some 243 rounds then
  10. valley boy

    Official Thl 2015 Rugby World Cup Thread

    there is but your scrum half is your link man and game maker ... he dictates the speed and direction of the game ... halfpenny was the kicker the man that generally scores the most points in a game ... so although there are 15 players in a team there some that are missed more than others ....... Kicking stats last season was Halfpenny 76% success rate with Dan Biggar getting 86% imo Halfpenny will not be missed as much as a lot of fans seem to fear. If anything I reckon our squad will be stronger for losing 2 key players but to think our World Cup is over is a bit defeatist imo. 30 seconds to go, 18 all and we have a penalty 5 yards in our own half, who would you want to take the kick? The problem with stats is they are just that, statistics, it does not tell you where the kicks were taken from or what distance they were. It only tells you the conversion rates. If a kicker is conservative with his kicking he can get a very high percentage, if on the other hand no matter the conditions he takes on every possible kick, it stands to reason he will have a lower conversion rate but probably kick more goals in the process. TC Totally understand where your coming from Al, just saying that Biggar isn't a bad back up and can also kick quite long. Remember RWC 2011 semi final and Halfpenny had a kick to win the match in exactly the scenerio you mentioned......the agony!! Not again please what about tom james hes scoring trys for the blues
  11. valley boy

    Official Thl 2015 Rugby World Cup Thread

    have you seen mathew morgan kick a ball he kicks them from in his own half
  12. valley boy

    Weapons, Cars And Law

    i got pulled on my way home last sunday night i had my rimy and my 243 and the copper asked if i had a knife i said yes when i showed him he said your not allowed to carry that type of knife because its a lock knife it was a openel when i come home i checked on BASC web site and you are allowed to carry them if you got good reason i showed him gutted rabbits in the back of my truck
  13. valley boy

    Poachers On Your Permission

    well the farmer (parttime copper) run a check on him phoned me up told me his name and where hes from a said he got a record as long as his arm tuns out they got airrifles and lurchers and if i dident see that car that night it would have looked bad for me and i been doing alot of farms in that area for 28 years i done abit of asking around and they are theiving cnuts nicking red diesel and alsorts if they were just after rabbits i got no problem with that
  14. valley boy

    Poachers On Your Permission

    out lamping the other week and a car drove down into a apple oachard so i went down after it when i got there, there was know one there, looked in the car there was lamping batterys in side so i took a photo of the number plate and sent it to the farmer who is a part time copper turns out that night someone nicked stuff of is land, if they were out after a few rabbits fare enough but when they out theiving thats a different story
  15. valley boy

    Discusting Wanker Imo

    well said