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  1. Anyone in caithness area New to area and fancied a mooch
  2. Some really good sound a vice cheers boys
  3. Re homed a 4 year old sprocker dog he is magic getts on well with my jack Russell and no bother in the house I can walk him for hours 5 being the longest yet and when he gets home runs about the garden still full of beans I live in the middle of nowhere between 2 shooting estates so he going to be beating come the season Anytime he in garden he runs round and round for hours He gets fed once a day dried food with water and gets the usual titbits during the day Any ideas of calming him down or is it just the breed Cheers in advance
  4. can I reserve a bitch ? Pm me your number will pay up front
  5. In your option is the Beddy x Or Wheaton cross Which one ?
  6. Is the tortoise very fast? To be honest it depends if she had a good nights kip !
  7. It's a collie gru bull x greyhound
  8. Seems this was taken the wrong way guys ment to be banter like the pornography idea ha oh well
  9. Beardie collie greyhound x 5/8 3/8 bull x coursin greyhound What work would best suit this breeding ?
  10. Looking for 2/3 ferrets got plenty work to keep them busy
  11. beardy collie greyhoung x 5/8 3/8 bull x coursin greyhound What do you think of this breeding ?
  12. Looking for fellow mootchers in the highlands
  13. Conall Irish Scott's galliec name meaning strong. Wolf. High and mighty Thoughts
  14. Looking for 2ferrits working prefer but will take young ins Highlands Good working home
  15. Beardy collie greyhound x bull greyhound Blue dog
  16. Cheers keep them coming
  17. Any lads up this way fancie a day out
  18. Any lads up in Inverness / rosshire not long moved up and looking to get to know the local,land
  19. Getting a new pup in the next week need a good name for him Any ideas folks live up in the highlands of Scotland Cheers in advance
  20. lazerlite with batteries and bag and charger needs seconadry buld think they are a few pounds £40 ayrshire 07870 607063 neys gone now 40 quid
  21. work forces sale 9 weeks old liver bitch wormed to date rough coated £100 no offers for pics text 07870 607063 cheers stevie
  22. only 2 black dogs left both rough coated wormed and ready to go
  23. 3 dogs left 1 liver 2 black all rough coated now £100 ready sat
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