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  1. just got given a long net without poles how many will i need to buy as i've never longnetted before... Dont mean to hijack your thread



    no probs mate these go on the ends of the net to pin it down and then used to gather the net back up on ready for the net drop and depending on the size of the net im sure its one pole to every 7 yards might be mistaken but im sure some on here will no for sure and gd straight hazel sticks left to dry are a good and cheap way of doing it

  2. :thumbdown: its a shame you and black pack dont tell the truth most of them foxes were already dead and found in a bush more like. they look like the CLOWNS foxes from llaneffydd hee hee :clapper::tongue2::gunsmilie:



    :L i think i know who this is dont worrie bud they aint the clowns foxes they dont get any to put in bushes :clapper:

  3. if you dont want anythink lads dont comment they aint nicked either if u want anythink pm if you dont keep your opion to your selfs thanks i been on this site for a while now and ive sold alot of stuff and none of it bein dodgy but there is some cocky arse holes on here what reck it

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