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  1. Dusted off the camping grill, just whacked every thing on skewers, lovely day, even got a tan. lol
  2. Off to raid the fridge now, got a few members of family all cooking at 2, so really looking forward to it, thanks again.
  3. stealthy1

    BBQ Time.

    Anybody on the BBQ today? Me and the Mrs are having one on our own, got a BBQ Off with the kids at 2 this afternoon, going to get battered I think, anyone any secrets sauces or other add on's to give me an edge , get them up, also post your cooked pix, looking for ideas, lets hope it sunny this afternoon. Got a lot to do, so an instant reply may not be the in thing today. Happy cooking folks.
  4. Stick the results up.
  5. Quick, it's coming, get back in your shelter.
  6. Fact, your either clever enough to work it out, or your not, and obviously your not, so panic away.
  7. We are the same size as Italy in population, this Sunday ends the third week that we were behind them before they were over run, so hold onto your hats, if it's coming at all, then next week we should see what we're up against.
  8. C'mon you bakers, strut your stuff, and it's a well known fact lads are better bakers than the lasses, unless your a lass and you know better, then show us your stuff.
  9. Get some pix up when it's done.
  10. They look like the photos in the Bero book.
  11. Wouldn't let me put them up last night (Hence the double post), every time I tried to post I got kicked off. Here's me results, not bad, could be better, butter and home made Summer Strawberry Jam. lol
  12. All cut, ready to go, gas mark 7 for 10 minutes. Back in ten.
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