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  1. Put some pix up of your bird.
  2. Don't know why your f****n about, your a whippet man through and through, so just get another whippet.
  3. I'm surprised the ref did nothing about Wallin rubbing the glove in Fury's cut. Like every one else, what happened to Fury's jab?
  4. Just looks like a big fat Mini, and hardly Iconic. It's ugly as f**k.
  5. Maybe Billy just fancied a Mc Slurry, and didn't want to leave his very expensive bike unchained with all these p***y c**ts sculking around.
  6. I'll bet it's got a hole where it's arse used to be.
  7. Usyk to fight the winner of AJ v Ruiz. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/boxing/48738582
  8. Crack on, makes change to see you lot getting on.
  9. Warrington or Galahad? Warrington should waste Galahad.
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