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  1. If I had to take one album to the grave, it would be Pink Floyds Dark Side Of The Moon, on vinyl.
  2. It was f****n ugly anyway, looked like a dildo launcher.
  3. 100 all day long, do you still have the custom 100 stock you bought.
  4. These type of threads are boring as f**k, I come on here expecting to see a massive pile of dead badgers, some thing like the Buffalo clearances, and nothing.
  5. With great sadness, I had to have my 11 and a half year old lurcher bitch down this morning.  A year ago the vet said she had cancer, 6 months after that she had secondary cancer. Had my hand on her chest and felt her heart stop, I felt both heartache and relief at the same time, pick the ashes up next week.  Gutted.

    1. fieldsportsman


      sorry to hear mate heart breaking when it happens


  6. Have a look round carrot fields.
  7. Will Holyfield box Tyson's ears off.
  8. That must be their king sat on his throne.
  9. Get down on your knees you honky fuckers and beg forgiveness, you know your all descendents of the now defunct, but very profitable business of slave trading.
  10. I'd rather go shooting with a mastic gun, that is ugly.
  11. What can you do with a handful of dry old bread? Knock one of these babies out, bread n butter pudding.
  12. Ran out of likes.
  13. Ran out of likes, some stunning looking food.
  14. Herbies Seeds.
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