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  1. These for everyday use- http://www.tpc2.co.uk/leather-motorcycle-trousers---limo-25-p.asp And my going out pair - http://www.countrycovers.co.uk/products/17/falkland-trousers-waterproof
  2. Make sure you have a decent web site and a very reliable courier. All the best hope you do well.
  3. Just goes to show how we are brow beaten in the UK to hide whats right the yanks would never stand for it!!!
  4. The bar is an essential piece of Kit without which you cannot locate precisely or give air in tight tube situations it also allows you to listen in on the 'rumble in the jungle' without getting too wet!
  5. What a load of utter rubbish. I know many Lurchers who have gone to good, active country homes. Some of the best dog men in the country have asked me to rehome their dogs for many different reasons. Please don't spout nonsense when you haven't the first idea of what you're talking about. The best home for a Lurcher is a good, knowledgable working home....however, the worst home in the world is ending up with someone who got the dog for free, wasn't willing to pay £ and sees the dog as a dispendable commodity. Comments like yours do not help the dogs in any way. Edit: And I wasn't suggesting a 'general' rescue....or being them 'palmed off' anywhere...I have pm'd the chap. why is that nonsence?no one is asking for a free pup,hes offering because he cant handle the responsibility of rehoming hiself,what a great promo for the over flowing rescue centres out there,if you breed a litter and cant be arsed to get rid give them to us and we'll do it for.....idiot My comment was in direct response to what YOU said.....see above. And I quote...."an unsuitable home is a non working home"....I don't need you to 'try' to explain what he is or is not doing...I think that is very clear to anyone reading this thread. Calling him an idiot doesn't help matters. From your last post and I quote you again... "we'll do it for you...idiot".... are we to take it that you speak for all UK rescues personally...? And if so...who gives you this authority? i was calling you the idiot,your the one who suggested the rescue not me petal,and as for authority,i stand on my own,its all me What's all you...?? ....bad grammar, terrible spelling and a propensity to talk sh*te..? But seriously...I'm not your 'petal'...do hope you're not one of those mad women who 'help' to rescue dogs and get all arsey about it....but in reality just smell of dog wee and look like a big,unwashed hairy lezza?? Also, don't call people names on site....it's very rude and disrespectful. wheres the terrible spelling? Oh dear...where would you like me to start...."nonsence", "hiself"...but listen don't get too worked up about that. I'm sure you have spell check somewhere on your pc..? Anyhow...I'm not responding to you anymore...I don't think it's helping the thread and also I have a hideous mental image of you bearing down on me, covered in dog hair, smelling of wee and surrounded by poor dogs who didn't want to be rescued by you...... muttering "come to me Petal..." :sick:
  6. For sale Bellman & Flint box & 2 collars 1 new 1 used old style not rechargeable good condition best offer over £230 + PP Now sold thanks
  7. pockets

    out of town

    Superb Sunday afternoon viewing Jack was the master with such gadgets as the Lark Twirler!!!!
  8. Cracking boots, mine are always 1/2 size bigger.
  9. pockets


    I had an Antique sword removed yet you can see similar items for sale on other country's ebay site????
  10. i might be of a different opinion here, are we saying that the only dogs good to ground are stayers? have you ever worked a "flyer"? they find,harass and when it gets hot they move.find again often from a different approach.i have had a bitch and her bitch pup who both worked like this and no fox held it out long with them.they only made contact at the arse end(neither were ever marked and some foxes bolted with the brush stripped).both were tested in trials and did well. digging is not the only way to bag the fox.what of the earths we cannot dig? dogs like this will work seven times a week as they are not sore,no vets bills(from work on their quarry). i acn see that some think the dog does not make the grade and for digging men they may not but surely the dog should not be put to sleep because the "style of work" does not fit you? this dog is also quite young and may mature. just a thought. My kennels would PTS quite rightly its a jacker no question 15 minutes underground would never even find in a lot of cases let alone harreses.
  11. A monkeys arse money for nothing and your chicks for free whos it helping?????
  12. pockets


    It would seem that the soap manufacturer Lush who positivly stink out every crap shopping shopping centre have decided to align themselves with the hunt sabetours do tell them online what a mistake they are making! http://www.lush.com/shop/palmoil/
  13. A curling high pheasent or mabye a night time 3lb sea trout even a jinking rabbit this is GB at its best
  14. No imSparticus.....Hehehehehe
  15. Hehehehehehehe.........................
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