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  1. On 10/07/2022 at 08:25, jeemes said:

    Yes I sell them

    I can vouch for his work. I use the collars that you made me every day and they are of outstanding quality both in workmanship and the leather itself. Excellent value for money. Thanks again!

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  2. I'm still looking! Sent the guy on Instagram a message he hasn't replied yet and I can't trace the Russian lad either.

    You would think there would be more people that could do these repairs around!

  3. 30 minutes ago, Daniel cain said:

    he gives 12 months warranty on all his used/repaired kit👍

    That's more than Garmin give if you live outside the US. All they now give you is 90 days warranty, that's on brand new gear.

  4. 1 hour ago, Borr said:

    I've had about twenty off the boat. I've a wife ,my mother two kids, two dogs ain't no easy task keeping all busy lol..saw a few dolphin, some lads had Pollack BBQ this evening , probably gonna try for bass later, should've come with you for bait 🤣



    No problem I understand mate family commitments etc. Was just doing my good deed for the year offering thl member a spin out with local knowledge. Good luck on the bass 🙃

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  5. 13 hours ago, Borr said:

    I'm on a boat for mackerel in the morning minus kids as they've swimming booked and another two hour blank might finish them lol after a dog swimming session first thing. If I have no joy I'm on the rocks from about 5pm

    You should have come with me ,I did offer. Just had around 40 mackerel and a couple bass Just over 2 lb.

    First light the water was boiling with fish. 


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  6. 4 hours ago, white van man said:

    Had an hour or so off Hopes Nose in the kayak the other day. Used to be a great spot but so over fished now. Didn’t get a single one there. Headed round to towards Torquay and had a couple. Seemed to be having more luck with small pollack. I don’t think you can beat fresh mackerel on the BBQ. Like to chuck the dogs a few too. 

    Yeah my mate has a boat in Brixham he said its been dire around Berry Head and Hopes Nose this year so far.

    Like you say fresh Mackerel takes some beating!

  7. 10 hours ago, South hams hunter said:

    We don't start targeting them until September/oct now really. They'll start coming in dribs and drabs til then I'd imagine mate.

    Apparently a lad had a few hundred just off the eddy today but had to follow them around to catch em

    Yeah that's it mate but since I can remember we always used to go around June and it was not unusual to catch mackerel every cast off the shore, once they were in. I can remember catching over hundred on many occasions, used to take what we wanted for the pot and put the rest back. Great sport on light tackle. It's definitely changed now, they are turning up in Autumn/Winter in numbers whereas they used to disappear at that time of year. We had a bag of decent sized ones last week, great sport, but not in in any quantity yet.

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  8. The Mackerel have been very thin in the Summer months for the last few years. They seem to appear in higher numbers now in the Winter, all a part of climate change I suppose. Also there's a lot of Dolphin and Tuna in our waters now which must have a dramatic effect on them too. I had a few nice big Mackerel last week and saw a big Tuna jumping out of the water all an the southern Cornish coast.

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  9. On 19/07/2022 at 20:40, Borr said:

    Off on a little holiday soon, down Looe, hoping to get some lure fishing in of rocks etc. Ordered some weedless rubber lures and couple of Dexter wedges, advised by a work colleague, weedless are so kids can have a go no drama. Any pointers was just going to use a spinning rod...

    Look across from the little pier by the main beach at Looe, so other side of the river, rock mark easy access. Fish early morning/later evening good bass mark. There was plenty bait fish about there yesterday. As metal lures go you won't go wrong with a wedge, and most of the soft plastics are good these days for pollack, bass and wrasse. I can give you a good spinning mark near Rame head if your down next week I may be able to meet you and take you there.

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  10. 17 hours ago, shaunaltoft said:

    Sounds spot on any links to suppliers cheers 

    I'm afraid their website isn't upto much, they have a fb page but I'm not on fb. I can pm you Xaviers phone number then you can whats app him any questions etc, he's very responsive.

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