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  1. Regards hunting, they done it the way we will hope for. Soft mouthed on a hare, quick dispatch of a deer and one shot one kill for a rabbit. Jo public will only become more anti as he is disasociated with reality and the nature that something MUST die in order for us to eat. Simple, economics. Programs like this, kill it cook it eat it, can i nthe long run only benfit our way of life. Most of the people i have spoke to have gained some respect for gypos affter watching the program, so the killing aspect hasnt been viewed as cruel or brutal. But antis can't be educated, only eradicated.
  2. I picked up on that. Also on the Celtic History of Britain they had an expert in stone age hunting that went on to say that hares are protected now so they can't be hunted. This was just before they went on a spear fishing trip in a fresh water tarn!
  3. Wildfowling on Country File tonight.
  4. Providing its on your conditions and it is over the minimum verlocity then yes.
  5. I would like to make it known what a fantastic service I have just received from South Yorkshire Police. I sent in my certificate for a variation but as I did it wrong they only received the correct info on Tuesday, then yesterday lunch time (Friday) I got a call from them asking me to confirm what I wanted to do. I asked the lady if it would be possible to get my certificate back by Tuesday as I have booked a day off work on Wednesday to go and collect a barrel for my Blaser. I knew I was pushing it as they say it takes about two weeks, however she said she would try. To my amazement when I
  6. I know of a guide in the Aberdeenshire area, always a good crack and some good shooting, goose,duck, deer and rough. PM me for details.
  7. From the north M1 take your 1st exit off the roundabout and stay on the road. At the top of the hill there is a cross road, go straight over and its the first farm on the left. Coming fom the south just stay on the roundabout till you go back under the M1 and then exit up the hill. 5 mins max from M1.
  8. Does anyone have a spare sump plug for a Landy, the daft cow has over tightened it when dropping the oil. She was in a rush though she had the polish to get off my stocks before it set.
  9. Some of you may find this interesting http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/8586794.stm
  10. There is an area of parkland with the hall still situated at the top of it near me that has a reputation for being haunted. There are loads of stories about from the park and hall but my neighbour told one that stuck with me. He had taken a guy to shoot one of the ponds on an evening and the guest had taken his own dog to do the retrieving. It was a red setter that he trialed and was proven, however at the end of the flight the dog wouldn't work so they collected as many as they could find but they knew more had not been left. My neighbour then let the guest get on his way, went home and p
  11. I don't shoot that many deer a year but last I did roe, red and muntjac and I always get most shakey on roe bucks, must be because they are my favorite quarry and I don't get the opportunity to shoot many so the pressure 's on.
  12. Nice looking buck, do you think the hard weather will have much effect on antler sizes this year?
  13. Make sure its dead! When I was at college a book I read had a story and pictures of a gull that ate a live mole, the mole then preceded to borrow out of the live gull. Both died while the mole was half in half out. this is a link to the x ray of them. www.molecatchers.com/mole_bytes.html Can't find the photo though. Bon appetit!
  14. I zero mine at 1" high at 100 yards. I use Federal 100 grain but put some grain through and the differance at that range with my shooting wasn't noticeable.
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