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    Window Cleaning

    it only takes him 10 mins or so and he does virtually the whole street in a day so he's on 15-18 quid an hour I reckon. not that shabby especially as its all cash in hand.
  2. tsteve9999

    Window Cleaning

    I've been paying our window cleaner 3 quid a fortnight to do our house front and back for over 20 years now, it hasn't gone up once in all that time. He hasnt got one of those pole things, just an old fashioned ladder and cloth, but it works for him. He must be the only window cleaner in the country with a waiting list of people begging him to clean their windows
  3. tsteve9999

    New to ferrets

    No noise at all other than a sort of quiet chatter occasionally, but they do smell no matter how many times you clean them out. Personally I don't mind it but most people do.
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    You could always try the "I found this poor little puppy at the side of the road" trick, in my experience once a pup is in the house not many women will turn it away..
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    If you've got cats or dogs I'd have thought they would get ticks easier than the ferts as they would be walking on the grass.
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    I had a spell last year where mine had a few even though it was out of season, and I found they were coming from a bale of hay I was using for their bedding. Never seen them on feet though, always on their heads and usually behind the ears.
  8. tsteve9999

    Clay shooting

    The only one I've been to is Millride, and as Walshie says, you just pay your money and bang away.
  9. That at least one of my jills is pregnant. I had my new hob done earlier in the year but one jill seems to be getting fatter by the day, and I've just heard her scratching about in the nest box as if shes making a nest. The other jill doesnt seem to be any fatter so maybe it's just a phantom pregnancy, but I've just held her up and she really does look up the duff. Anyone else had a vasecomy not work? And if so did the vets redo it free of charge or did you have to pay again?
  10. tsteve9999

    I've got a horrible feeling....

    I'm almost certain she's pregnant, she's as fat as butter. The only thing stopping me being 100% is that the other one isn't showing at all. Looks like I'll be out on the pigeons more than planned....
  11. tsteve9999

    From Fierce To Friendly

    I had a jill from a mate like that last year and although I got her to the stage where I could handle her most days she would still take pieces out of my hand every few weeks. I kept her for 8-9 months but she never became fully tame and it was bloody painful too so in the end she was PTS. I take my hat off to you if yours was anything like her.
  12. tsteve9999

    Eu Polecat, Ferrets

    I saw either a polecat or the biggest ferret I've ever seen dead on the A5 last year. And last season one of the girls at a riding stables I ferret showed me a picture of 1 adult and 5 young that had been watching from a bramble bush You could only see their heads and I don't know if they were ferrets gone wild or polecats, but they were all polecat coloured, if they were ferrets I'd have thought at least one would have been different judging by the litters I've had.
  13. tsteve9999

    Hob in season working

    If you mean 2 hobs together I'd say no chance at all.
  14. tsteve9999

    Eu Polecat, Ferrets

    I had a jill last year given to me by a mate that was the same. Totally unpredictable, she would be fine for a couple of weeks then bite me for no apparent reason, and when I say bite I mean it, she went down to the bone. I always thought I could tame any ferret but after 6 months of it I'd had enough and I ended up having her put down this year.
  15. tsteve9999

    Eu Polecat, Ferrets

    At a hundred and fifty pounds a pop I doubt it..
  16. tsteve9999

    A happy Chappy

    Spot on. I can't think of much better fun than seeing your dogs ears prick up and him stare at a hole, knowing full well a rabbits going to come flying out any minute.
  17. tsteve9999

    A happy Chappy

    I've been meaning to ask for a while now, does Australia still hold the huge numbers of rabbits it did years ago? The bags you have seem similar to what we get over here but I remember seeing photos of a fence with green pastures one side and a sea of rabbits on the other in a desert and I've often wondered how many you would have in a day if you ferreted them.
  18. tsteve9999

    Burglary. Charged for murder

    I don't think it's the police showing common sense, more the fact that they would be shown up as the left wing minding PC shitbags they really are. I reckon they would have prosecuted if not for the outpouring of common sense from normal people on social media. (Never thought I would use the words common sense and social media in the same sentence)
  19. tsteve9999

    A Ferrets Value ?

    I'm not so sure you need working parents. I picked up 2 jills this year that were owned by a guy that did some falconry but for some reason had 2 adults and 8 young and admitted he'd barely touched them since they were born and rarely ferreted with the adults Those 2 jills have had the best first season of any ferret I've ever owned, each one goes down and doesn't come back till they are sure there's no rabbits left. There's none of the pissing about at the mouth of holes or only doing the top part of a warren that I've come to expect from previous young ferrets I've had, if there's a rabbit in there it comes out. I think it's got a lot to do with the court I built, I grassed the floor and the ferrets have dug themselves tunnels from day 1, so it's nothing unusual when they find a ready made one for them to go down it. Only problem is it now looks awful because the grass is long gone, I keep thinking of concreting it over but they wouldn't get half the excercise they do now.
  20. tsteve9999

    have things changed

    Most of the stuff is a huge improvement over the old. Poly nets, locaters, lamps, etc are all way better that years ago. I think the way ferrets are kept and fed has improved too, and thats a good thing as well imo. As far as types of ferrets go, I think thats mainly driven by people who think they can make a quick buck and the idiots who believe what they say.
  21. tsteve9999

    Awesome day out

    Ok ok, you win...lol
  22. tsteve9999

    Awesome day out

    No worries on that score mate, most days over here I've got that many layers on one of your great white sharks couldn't get through them.
  23. tsteve9999

    Awesome day out

    Somehow ferreting in a tee shirt and shorts just doesnt seem right to me. If you're not wrapped up in 3 jumpers, a scarf and a coat and covered in mud and nettle stings like us lot over here you might even enjoy it...
  24. tsteve9999

    Doggers or what?

    Theres a bridge over the canal on a lane near us and there are always cars parked there, sometimes as many as 6 or 7. Being the innocent that I am I presumed they were anglers because I used to fish there a lot as a kid, and I'd say hello but it always struck me as odd that most of them were just sitting in their cars. I mentioned it to the missus one day and she burst out laughing, telling me "Thats the gay bridge you twat, everyone knows about it". Everyone except me it seems......
  25. tsteve9999

    2 Jills & 1 Litter in the Same Cage?

    Yes mate, I had 3 or 4 jills and being a kid just let them get on with things. I had mouse traps set all over our garden and the air gun out every day, there wasn't a bird for half a mile by the time they went. My uncle, the guy who started my interest in hunting took them and "found them all good homes" which I'm guessing now probably involved a bucket of water...