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    Hare coursing on BBC

    Fair enough jamie....the shoe fits then.......I am sure there is a difference between the romantic styled picture you paint of poaching and the stories reported to the police about threatening behaviour....... Just for the record.....I only pull the trigger on land where I have permission to do so......
  2. tom1cameron

    Hare coursing on BBC

    Thanks! I have no idea.....? Genuinely.....I get lots of feedback from farmers I work with in Yorkshire that they have coursers on their land without permission. I dont know the other side of the story. I am so ignorant of this subject I have no idea whether coursers have an association or not...if you do you should get onto the BBC to demand they make a counter statement about this generalisation of your behaviour if you think it warrants it. The story is on their news website. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/sci/tech/8311269.stm Off course Joe bloggs believes it. There is no smoke without fire. But you cant seriously believe that it is the media's fault for the bad PR......yes they screwed up the story in other ways........... but what are the lads on here that you have described going to do about changing that public opinion? One option is to ignore it...I am no good at this but I appreciate that it may be the best course of action. Look....I am coming across as a bad guy...maybe I am...I certainly would stand up for coursing when in the law and for a means to control pests or to gather food......that fits with my philosophy....what I was getting at was why on earth have coursers got such a bad image both on the media.....and amongst many others in the countryside/farming community. Is it just becase we are ignorant or is there a PR job to be done? Again with my best intentions T
  3. tom1cameron

    Hare coursing on BBC

    Just one more attempt to get this post back on track........lets say I dont care whether you catch hares or rabbits......... Do you think the claims of thuggery are fair.......? Do you think the claims of poaching are fair.......? Why is it a God given right to abuse others and poach their land? Hands up...I am a boring person who does not hunt with lurchers:)
  4. tom1cameron

    Hare coursing on BBC

    Shooting IS in the spotlight mate.....and we have to do our best to be seen as squeakly clean model citizens. This allows us the upper hand when dealing with the law makers! I am with you on this Maltenby..... what I have posted is not anti coursing.....it is anti poaching and anti "getting caught" or blatently admiting that you break the law. Because of the reality of us all being in this together...any bad PR that shooting brings or coursing or hunting or stalking or fishing brings ....it hits us all! I probably wont post on this again....but it would be nice to hear what anyone constructively thinks about what the BBC has claimed against coursers as supposed to just saying you think I'm a tosser! Whether that be true or not
  5. tom1cameron

    Hare coursing on BBC

    Thanks for all the positive criticisms....I appreciate this is a difficult subject but please be assured I raised it to ask what coursers on here thought about the article on the BBC and in particular the very bad PR they accuse you of.....that coursers....1. chase hares, 2. enter land without permission all the time...3. Threaten landowners who try to tackle them.................I'll deal with the ban comments second......... Leeview....you are right...It is poaching before or after the ban.....how can the dog working community complain of all the things that are said and done against them such as dog theft and discrimination when complaints from landowners are so rife! My main fear is the bad PR that farmers and landowners feel for their physical safety at the hands of "coursers"...grouping people who work with dogs (myself included) as thugs. There are many innacuracies in the BBC article and I have sent in a series of correction suggestions...all that said..... I have friends who have been threatened by both poachers but also by coursers as well.....this is not on...and I guess that is my main point.... This bad PR is as bad a PR for other country sports enthusiasts...we are all classed as "Hunters" by the media and joe public! I am totally with you on the crap that has become the coursing/hunting ban.......but it has happened...so what do we do? I never went hunting with dogs but I think the legislation is completely useless and therefore a waste of time and money. So you know where I am coming from....my stance is relatively neutral. I dont want to say on here.......that I lift my hat to those who rebel against what is a very ethical as supposed conservation based legislation.....but if I were to I would say please do it on land that you have permission for! But it remains a point that while it is illegal (it could change?).......should it be so blatently flouted? The fox hunters think so according to Shooting TV. If you send a dog on a rabbit but it finds a hare...that is one thing......that is not what the BBC were talking about but I expect it would be treated similarly to genuine accidents of non-quarry species being killed when shooting. With the best intentions T
  6. tom1cameron

    Hare coursing on BBC

    Whether it is impartial or not...this is not the first time that hare coursers have been portrayed as people who eneter land they dont own, without permission to course game and then threaten any landowners who stand up against them..... Is this the norm or are there some of you out there who think this is wrong..... If so....tell the CA or some other organisation to get a response on there as it comes across very bad I have no time for people who threaten others...it brings the whole hunting, shooting and fishing communities into disrepute. T PLEASE read all posts before replying...may help
  7. tom1cameron

    West Yorks firearms

    Just to follow up IN short The question is not about competance or experience. It is part of their interpretation of making sure the individual knows what the parts of gun are and do (seems silly but you never know what a gun virgin could do if they had never held one before and just bought one and went home?). So it is a H&S question to make sure that the applicant is not a danger to themselves once they get the cert. They just want to use trust (by speaking to someone they feel is trustworthy, i.e. a cert holder) to check that the individual has had some "basic" instruction on safety with a shotgun. Nothing else. Also...they prefer if it is relatively recent..... I am actually happy with this now......but I did get a FEO to explain why clearly.....the way that my mate was told left him thinking he had to prove he could hit clays etc etc Difficult job an FEO..........
  8. for the second time I have just been asked to witness, over the phone, that I have seen a friend use a shotgun recently so that he can be granted a shotgun licence. As I understand it this is not something that an applicant should be asked to do. And given this applicant is a former marine and has stories of gameshooting over the world and hung up his guns while working in India and has now retired.......it is completely ridiculous. I am speaking to BASC but what I want to know is whether anyone else in West Yorks has been asked to prove they have shot a shotgun recently while applying for a cert? Let me know by posting on forum or send a PM Best wishes Tom
  9. tom1cameron

    good morning

    I was shooting with one of these with Riverside Outdoor....they are pretty good when it is wild and windy..deadly.... have not tried them in calm weather T
  10. tom1cameron

    duck flighting prices

    £50 seems to be a going rate this season.........
  11. tom1cameron

    good morning

    Wag/8 bore Thanks! Always nice to get postive criticism! Always factory loads.....simple reason is that Joe Hunter when shooting duck usually shoots a factory shell through a 12g. I have a hunch, from what I have seen thus far of the all results sent into BASC, is that there is greater pattern retention from homeloads (i.e. less flyers)........that may be because of higher velocity which tightens steel patterns unlike with lead where it increases flyers....anyway...a debate about to start from that claim alone no doubt Best be off to change my deeks from long lines to droppers....the ducks are gettin' a visit tomorrow Hasta la Vista T
  12. tom1cameron

    Pinkfoot Geese

    estimated 24% growth since last years count of pinkfeets and there are loads of young birds in the early season bag....of 5 some friends I I dropped from a small pack a few weeks back......4 were defo first years and 1 was still a youngster but maybe 2 years old...... They were tasty
  13. tom1cameron

    Ringed Greylag

    so you bid for the goose shooting lease at Eccup then! Good man to know. Take a look at euring.com Greylags can live for up to 40 years.......outwith hunting pressure.... So a 7 year old is still a young-un Besides....there are so many recipes to use with older birds it doe snot matter...try a confit T
  14. tom1cameron

    Pinkfoot Geese

    Well done V-max, a fantastic foreshore flight!
  15. tom1cameron

    good morning

    Pinkfoots, 290,000+ and rising consistantly for years Resident Greylags and Resident Canada's are ditto.... while we have an "ethical" limit placed, not a legal one...for migratory pinks and greys the current situation is that we.....as a shooting population.... are not doing enough to limit a growing and potentially damaging population of greylags and canada geese in England and Wales I said before that local overexploitation must be a potential problem.....but I have not seen any evidence of it published or spoken of As said earlier in discussion..............if they get eaten....whats the problem