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  1. I have a question terrier men. Are all working Lakeland terriers short coated. As I live in the south Iv only ever seen the show dogs that have long coats and been striped for the show. All the pictures of working laklands have short coats I am wondering if they are naturally like that or are clipped. 

    Could any one help on this subject please.

  2. chrissy32

    Bellman And Flint For Sale

  3. chrissy32

    Bellman And Flint For Sale

    for got to say 1 box and 1 collar comes with original boxing from when I bought it
  5. well if thats the standard of teckles i think ill stick with blackens lol because there shite one dog one hole
  6. chrissy32

    Spare lamp and battery

    just get one bought you little minge bag you cant expect to come on here and not expect to get ripped for trying to beg one
  7. chrissy32

    badger cull

    i could,nt have said it any better my self they say one in three carry tb
  8. chrissy32

    fell terriers

    that is a nice bitch any of the sire, if you got a bitch spittin image to her i will have her for £200 price is £250 pal there is a bitch like her with less white on her feet. i wont be knocked down on my price tho pal if you get stuck with them you will knock down :11: knock him the price of fuel off you get stuck with shite mate we've already got more potential buyers than pups, now we have just got to make sure they go to the right people. i dont breed dogs,ive no need to and the dam doesnt look like its done a days graft in its life i was going to say that lol and £250 for a pup is like the world at the min the kids are at home eating snot and im not trying to wind you up but the bitch hand on heart dosent look like it,s seen a thing any pics ov the old boy ?????
  9. chrissy32

    fell terriers

    not suitable for novices skinner thats not very nice now is it
  10. chrissy32

    Death By Chocolate

    aawwwwwww i love Chocolate terriers i didnt think they did the job any differnt
  11. chrissy32


    We had a terrier once that would not back down from a fight which sadly was her down fall with one of my lurchers,she went toe to toe as you put it, but when it came to earth work would not get close enough she didnt want to start scrapping with the fox below ground. some dogs will only get stuck in above ground , he might go to ground and end up a bayer not has hard as nails, Might not, but just my opinion, good luck with finding him the right home . well said
  12. a smart looking squad you,ve got there bud for fcuk sake get rid of them wellies atb chris
  13. chrissy32

    A Dig to Jack

    a fine looking dog you,ve got there a bin lid comes to mind lol he looks to have took a fair bit underneath all the best with that dog mucker and i hope he keeps it,s up for you,s atb chris
  14. chrissy32


    i saw that on video ten or so more years ago so you could say it,s been around abit atb chris
  15. well all in all there,s some smart looking terriers here good show on the 27 ft job