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  1. Hi there mate, been trying to drop you a pm. cheers

  2. My type of dog that. lamped aswell? Or taking other game cheers
  3. Cracking day there lads. Like the look of the dark brindle lurcher of hound dogs. What way bred is he?
  4. cracking day out there Meg. nice land to work by the look of it. lurchers worked well by sounds of it
  5. Hi guys and girls, do anyone have a contact for a greyhound vet in south Wales. Any help much appreciateed, cheers
  6. Excellent result mate and a fine looking dog you have there
  7. Stick me in for this craic too .if all goes to plan it should be an excellrnt event.
  8. good going mate don't forget to sort a day out before its to late speak to you soon
  9. nice one lads. the pup looks a cracker. what age is he at now?
  10. its on bbc2 England. up in the 900's on sky if your from a different region.
  11. twin town, pulp fiction, snatch, into the west, man about dog,
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