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  1. Hi mate long time no spk do you still have the pup you had off me 2008/2009 been trying to inbox you ...
  2. Thanks Tiny 7, Red dog is 12months 25tts, and the black and tan is 5 months 23tts. If he continues to be the way he is now, learning, listening and communicating in the field then its all i want. The rest will follow. Sorry Chris for hijacking your thread! i know wats that about i cant come 2 night iv got a new num i will txt ya it iv got work 2 mora but am up 4 fri night if u are
  3. woodstock is looking just like his dad aint he im so happy the way they have turned of looking smart and the other pup 2 will defo be up weekend if ya up 4 it fri night ???
  4. hi all here is the update on archie my pup that got ran over he has bin in the vet for 4 weeks i got him back on sat he is doing ok here are a few pics lets just see how he gets on http://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo23/hu...08/DSCN0511.jpg http://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo23/hu...08/DSCN0510.jpg http://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo23/hu...08/DSCN0509.jpg http://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo23/hu...08/DSCN0508.jpg http://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo23/hu...08/DSCN0507.jpg http://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo23/hu...08/DSCN0506.jpg
  5. updated....... my pup ( archie) he is still in the vet and his having his opp on thursday he is having a plate put in his front leg and should be home fri-sat
  6. thanks for everyones replys i spoke to the vet at 5 o clock today and all they said is he has fractured it and they are keeping him over the weekend and the ''bone man'' will look on monday too see wat he wants to do....... NO RUSH !!!! i dont have insurance wish i did will keep eveyone updated many thanks
  7. the annoying thing is i never it all happened so fast as i say i was finshing i take my dogs everywhere with me they just run around playing as they ran him over i just didnt know wat 2 do ru after them or get the dog and i still had all my kit so had too run the dog too the jeep (screaming) run back pack kit away then get too a vet
  8. i really do hope so
  9. so do i he was just starting too come on ...jumping and retrieving sooo gutted
  10. hunt4life

    Why Me

    Well wat a day the weather was fine so i got up early too take the dogs for a walk round my local woodland before it got too hot came home and did a few things with the missis and went fishing just down the canal at around 6 i took two of my lurchers one a pup (6 months) and my bitch 1 year they were playing around as they do and just as they settled down 2 lad came down the path on a moped and ran my pup over and broke his front leg i have just come back from the vet with a nice big bill 350pound and thats just for tonight not happpyyy has anyone else had a lurcher with a broken le
  11. i have baby fererts for sale 5pound each sandy and albinos pm if interested many thanks
  12. hi mate where are you located i have a couple of cages you can have if you live anywhere near northampton they were made 2 weeks ago but made another bigger one
  13. use a good old car battery its lasts all night and as long as you use a back pack so you have 2 shoulder straps you dont really feel the weight old fashioned but it works
  14. nice looking dogs eveyone..... here is wat i will be running this year i have my 7month old saluki whippet x saluki whippet grey i bred the litter myself she is doing well http://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo23/hu.../Picture155.jpg and this is the new member saluki grey x dearhound grey x whippet grey 3 and half month old http://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo23/hu.../Picture018.jpg
  15. iv got a border he is not the hardest dog in the world but he does his job http://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo23/hu...ddyanddutch.jpg
  16. Just thought i'd share a couple of pics of my new pup, Archie. He is Suluki Greyhound x Deerhound Greyhound x Whippet Greyhound. He's 4 months old. I hope to bring him on through the summer. Will keep you posted! http://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo23/hu.../Picture016.jpg http://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo23/hu.../Picture017.jpg http://i358.photobucket.com/albums/oo23/hu.../Picture018.jpg
  17. can anyone give me some advice ...... i have just built a fox trap but am stuggling with the door and how to make it shut wats the best way too hold the door up so it will drop?? any replys will be appreciated
  18. Whin, the warrens are there my friend, some in the middle 1 holer's, many were in the ditch and hedge rows which are situated in open spaces. Its an Airfield Whin. They were ferreted. Yes 17, and the dogs did well. At least another 10 or so made it to safety. cheers 4 a great day mate sure was cold nice too see the pups work doing well for 6 months nice too see the dogs i bread actually do the business am really happy with dogs and ferrets it was the 1st day out for a few ferrets but boy they worked hard and bolted the rabbits fast cheers mate
  19. how much ???? iv got a pic i would like done
  20. my ferrets are always getting hold of slugs hate it my mum puts a bowl with some beer in "nooooo save the beer " gets them a treat though bowl is always full in the morning
  21. thanks 4 all replyes all will be taken in and will see how i do thanks again
  22. ok cheers for that rolfe will make sure i do it next time im out atb cheers
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