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  1. dont know if this has been on here. it was on the news http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/13327651.Animal_rights_group_release_video_footage_of_fox_cubs_it_claims_were_being_reared_for_hunting/ strange one to me this.
  2. that is one ugly brute. REPORTED.
  3. your right . asian. thanks for the interest folks.
  4. one of my recent pics. took at a wildlife park
  5. the ultimate nikon slr handbook. volume 3. in all good newsagents now. . you will get a free dvd. and there is the monthly mags. lots of inspiration in these. i get outdoor photography. it covers. landscape wildlife nature and adventure. you could also join the library. if they dont have what your after you may be able to order it.
  6. we came across a fox many years ago that had been killing cats near a council estate .there was the remains of hal a dozen cats around the earth. turned out to be a little vixen. not much bigger than a cat.
  7. nice. i always look forward to your pictures .
  8. first rate. i have enjoyed this thread.
  9. the course was broke down into ten one hour lessons . with a small test of ten questions after each lesson. then there is a test at the end of the course. it starts with 1discussing what photography is 2demystifying camera functions 3motion and depth 4capturing light 5composition 6advanced composition 7more about light 8manual mode 9colours in light. 10discussing the digital image. this is a foundation course to help folk get to grips with the basic principles and out taking pictures on full manual mode equipt with the basics to build on it has hel
  10. still some of the course to do but i have improved a little. i badly need a better lens now . cracking stuff paulus
  11. if you have an income it would be better to wait till early next season. fail to plan and you plan to fail do your homework get advice . get some quotes from local firms. sort out storage for machinery and tools. source waste disposal options. and good luck a crewcab pickup is the ideal transport. if you have a place to put your tools.
  12. two of the oystercatchers hatched yesterday click on the pic for full size.
  13. google the kelvin chart. for photography. that should pull up some more info. you will have presets on your camera also.
  14. yes. its possible to get an image of what you see. have a look into white balance. this is key to producing an image as close to what you see as possible.with light and colour.
  15. there is a bitch in south lanarkshire doing well i hear
  16. my boy just got a staff crossed with a GSD. against my advice. . god only knows what it will turn out like. probably gonna be emotional for them
  17. get it out ratting it will be that dirty you wont see the oil stains. they will just blend in with the rest of the dirt
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