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  1. Vermin Dropper

    Anyone into Horse racing?

    If you work it out mate its less than 20 quid a week, if you're a betting man you probably waste more than that punting each week, They easily make a lot more than that back for you, the last few days I've had a 4/1 winner, a 13/2 and 7/1 place and today he text me one that I couldn't get a bet on which came second at 16/1 so the price of the subscription works out very reasonable over all don't they!
  2. Vermin Dropper

    Anyone into Horse racing?

    I agree about horse racing being crooked but it helps that I know the guy who runs the site (so I get a discount ) He picks some cracking wins/places and knows a lot of people (jockies, trainers etc) in the game.
  3. Vermin Dropper

    change one word

    oops too slow....
  4. Vermin Dropper

    change one word

    Always WinÂ
  5. Vermin Dropper

    change one word

    Don't Care!Â
  6. Vermin Dropper

    Anyone into Horse racing?

    As title says, Found this great site, I'm making easy extra cash with them at the moment, I've put a link in my signature if anyone's interested,Â
  7. Vermin Dropper

    Maths Test

    There you are, I knew I always come out as the hero lol,
  8. Vermin Dropper

    Maths Test

    Took a while for the penny to drop then jimmy... lol
  9. Vermin Dropper

    change one word

    ball room odd ball
  10. Vermin Dropper

    Maths Test

    This maths test will tell you your Hero! Dont look at the answers before you do the sums..... Pick a number between 1 and 9....... X it by 3....... add 3....... x by 3 again....... add the two digits together remember your answer then scroll down and look at the list to reveal your Hero! 1...Muhammed Ali 2...Alan Shearer 3...Bob Marley 4...Elvis 5...Steven Gerrard 6...John Lennon 7...Trevor Francis 8...your Mom 9...Vermin Dropper! 10...Your Dad.
  11. Vermin Dropper

    what is this

    hey the suitcase thing means youv'e posted on that topic and the warn metre is there if you text talk or act the cu*t on the site. you'll only get so many warnings then you get the boot of the site p's if i'm wrong someone correct me thanks :blush: Thats about right marie, Also you can only see your own "warn meter"
  12. Vermin Dropper


    it shouldn't get knocked back but if you start before your permission is granted they can get arsey and in extreme cases make you reverse the work. you can just run the risk and see if you get under the radar, it's up to you mate. the permission is for change of use, as you are turning what is in effect an outside room into an indoor habitable room. good luck,
  13. Vermin Dropper

    change one word

    Ice Cap
  14. Vermin Dropper


    Nor that it won't mate. Just give the dog its puppyhood, plenty of time to see if it's got the heart and power to do the job,
  15. Vermin Dropper


    Its a running hound X sight hound!