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  1. Shame this show clashes with another Scottish show we don't have many up here now, pretty sure it happened last year aswell
  2. I've got a fabarm 8 shot as a work horse can be a bit fussy with lighter loads though I just stick with gamebore and its fine
  3. grant_c

    Berwickshire Hunt Show

    Could you tell us if it will be a guy who works dogs that's judging? if it's going to be a repeat of last year I'll need to give it a miss
  4. grant_c

    .22-250 Reloeding For A Newbie

    I remember reading somewhere the powder in the super performance buckets wasn't the same as that hodgdon powder but I wouldn't have thought it be different can't remember where I red it. There's loads of powders that suit a 22-250 mate I've never known one not to like varget try that work up a load with hornady vmax if that's what you like
  5. grant_c

    Ferret Killing In

    Why would you want to stop it? Madness if you ask me. Part of ferreting and a good ferret. Prey and predator, they don't go down and tickle them until they come if they don't move then that's what happens in a nutshell
  6. That's why most guys who have been at this game a long time stay in the wings now and say nothing,its not worth the hassle.This was a top class offer 11 year old dog at stud for 50 bucks,not many of them dogs available anymore and people slate the owner.If the dectractors have better lets see them. Aye some people just like to hear them selfs I think mate, mods should be on top of it, this was a good site years ago
  7. A know the man and the dog, you hear all sorts of crap on here people moaning about guys studding young dogs, now it seems theres even something to say when old proven dogs are studded out aswell, is there an age on here that wouldn't get irrelevant comment filling the topic? Seems the trend on here now every post somebody writes something instead of letting people get on way things the sites going down the pan.
  8. Register on the stalking directory forum she might be more suited to lads on there
  9. They do fine in kennels, I'd rather give a dog to a stalker/keeper that had the dog out with him working and in a kennel than a dog with high drive living in a house doing nothing and getting fed up., that's how problems start....
  10. grant_c

    Greman Pointer X Greyhound

    Coverdogs he looks a cracker mate always liked gwp, seen a few lurchers with gwp in their make up and they have been bang on, maybe 1 day
  11. grant_c

    Latest Bellman Flint V Mammut Barryvox Pulse

    Barryvox pulse for me
  12. The thing that pisses me off is the pictures of rifles that look like something you'd expect to see a Sas sniper jumping aboot way lol but each to their own
  13. Personally I don't use them, I've had a look through and been out with top kit but I still to my striker, think what people need to understand tho is to some shooting is a hobby to others it's a job. A thermal or a nv kit could mean the difference of getting a fox in 1-2 nights rather than 4,5,6,7 whatever, which means more time for other jobs or the family.
  14. grant_c

    White Roe

    See a few parti coloured roe in Fife never seen a pure white one tho
  15. grant_c

    Deben 8 Ft Locator

    Do the collars all work? Would you sell em separate?