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  1. silverstoat

    Tikka T3xTAC A1

    yeah but this is supposed to be fun! Next time I win the lottery I'll get a sako carbon wolf instead. 2.8kgs. I've never had the luxury of a ghillie, and I hunt in rough hill terrain. Every Kg counts!
  2. silverstoat

    Tikka T3xTAC A1

    The look of this rifle really suits my eye, but it weighs 4.9kg. Since I was looking at the 6.5 creedmoor for stalking, i,m a bit concerned that at that weight it is pretty much exclusively a target rifle. What do think?
  3. silverstoat

    How to gralloch a deer for your DSC2

    Looks like a useul article but what's the craic with phtotbucket? Do I need my own photobucket account to see the embedded images or what am doing wrong?
  4. silverstoat

    which geese are edible?

    Thanks for the advice folks, I don't think I've seen any pinkfooted around, but I'll maybe go noise-up some canada geese and have a taste of that! S.
  5. silverstoat

    which geese are edible?

    Hi there, Does anybody have a list of the edible and inedible species of wild geese? Graylags, Canadas and brent are regularly grazing around here at the moment but I tend not to shoot anything I can't eat. Thanks. silverstoat.
  6. silverstoat

    silenced 12 bore

    Hi IanB. How's that 12B Pedretti going for you? I'm considering getting one from the saddlery and gunroom myself. I've heard a lot about the .410; how quiet and handy etc, but I haven't heard much about the 12G. What's your verdict? Silverstoat