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  1. That is a wise choice mate. If you don't have the time to fly them regularly, they won't get fit enough to take on challenging quarry, which is where the fun is in hawking.
  2. Quite a few Goshawks are lost by falconers every year mate. I'm surprised it wasn't "white" by the amount that's now getting bred!!!! LOL
  3. Hi Spar123 Nice one Are you going to imprint him? And what do you intend to hunt with him?
  4. Who has put down a deposit for a new hawk/falcon? What are you getting - size, sex, species etc and what quarry [if any ]do you plan on hunting ?
  5. The way you describe its flying style and size, sounds like a Goshawk. If you look on Youtube you will see quite a few vids of them flying.
  6. Thanks for sharing mate. I remember years ago I had a day out with some folk and one lad flew a male Goldie. They are fairly agile for such a big bird and it caught a rabbit that day. A bit of overkill perhaps but it was interesting to see.
  7. Well the female gos took another rabbit today. Her success rate is quite impressive if I say so myself. Most things she catches, she keeps a hold of. Not bad considering her Hallux doesn't work on her right foot. Its a far cry from her performance last year where I saw her lose rabbit after rabbit and also duff a few pheasant catches.
  8. Mate there will be plenty for sale around then. Though it is a wise policy to start looking now. Try to find a decent breeder that is producing good quality hawks.
  9. Nice one mate. Its been good reading about her. Cheers
  10. The day before yesterday, I had one flight at pheasant with the gos. She chased it to a patch of brash in the nearby woodland.Unfortunately she tried following it in and ended up soaked on the ground due to all the melted/wet snow lying. After that we went home. This morning I tried at the same piece of ground. Due to the brash and cover lying in amongst some thick conifers, it can be hard to get a clean flush. Usually the gos gets held up trying to go through the cover or she has to fly around it, giving the pheasant a fair start on her. I kept the dog in close and tried to pick where I w
  11. david901

    Fhh On Hares

    There's some footage on Youtube somewhere.
  12. david901

    Fhh On Hares

    I've never flown a female HH, but from what I've seen and heard, some can be very good hare hawks. If hares were my main concern, I'd go for the biggest female I could get and enter it early before the hares get too big to build its confidence. Every hare it caught, the hawk would get a massive feed up on warm flesh. Just my opinion.
  13. Hi Sean I actually keep my imprint freelofted all year round. Feather damage is never an issue with her.
  14. Hi Muttley94 Some of the best flights I have seen are where the quarry escapes. To me Falconry is not about catching large quantities of game, but instead watching a hawk/falcon performing at its best on difficult quarry.
  15. A fun days hawking. That's what its all about. It looks like you have decent rabbit ground there mate. Do you still have good numbers where you live?
  16. A picture of todays catch. A rabbit for a bit of variety. I wish I had some more rabbit ground as they are very thin on the ground here.
  17. Thanks mate. Before her injury she very rarely lost any quarry. She always was a good hawk, making the most of any opportunity. It seemed worthwhile persevering with her.
  18. Thanks mate. Getting them fit and confident is what its all about. What I like about the gos is the wide variety of quarry they are capable of taking. I used to hunt this bird at a landfill and would slip her gulls at over 100 yards away.
  19. Nice one Sean I like the loop perch you have. That is how I kept my first gos as well.
  20. A couple of pics of the imprint gos doing what she does best.....LOL She has had a few rabbits as well and hopefully if the weather stays dry and cold, I can do a few streams for some duck before the season ends. I'm pleased that despite her injury, she continues to put game in the bag.
  21. I did the same with my female Sean. She had a slip at some gulls first though, but the wind picked up before I could slip her and the gull she singled out managed to dodge her. It was a good flight though.
  22. Crows can be a bit intimidating for some hawks and may require a weight reduction????? Maybe not though. I found getting a few easy slips and kills gets a gos fired up for them. Every season I will give the hawk a few carcases and I also use a crow carcase as a swing lure exercise. Crows are difficult for female gosses, but they will take them, perhaps not as efficient as a male though. They are never easy [unless car-hawking, which I dislike] Once your bird switches on to them, you will get some good flights and [dare I say it] more entertaining than rabbits The good thing about using
  23. Hopefully it will dry up a little before the season ends mate. If you continue with your gos, you will still get slips at crows.
  24. Hi Sean Good to see you're still going at it. Hopefully the weather will quieten down and we can get some decent days flying.
  25. I'll throw my twopence in..... As the dog is only a pup, I would let him find out he CAN'T catch the birds. The only way he will learn this is from experience. I let my Brittany hunt up and point snipe from an early age. After I flushed them, he would be off chasing them. Eventually with a combination of him learning they were uncatchable and also with me instilling the STOP command, he steadied up. Brittanys are quite excitable as a rule, but they are also smart and will work out what works and I wholeheartedly agree with Casso's comments above. I believe that it is important for the
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