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  1. birdman6

    Optima 3-9X40 Wide Angle

    If anyone wants pics please pm me your email address. Thank you John
  2. I have for sale an OPTIMA 3-9x40 wide angle fully coated scope. This is an older scope in good condition that has very nice optics, there is a couple of small scratches that can only be expected for a 20yr+ scope. It comes with a set of steel ring that fit Brno/CZ scope rail. Price £35.00 inc.p&p ono. Thank you John ps. pm me your email address for pics
  3. birdman6

    Aya Yeoman Side By Side 12G

    Gun sold pending collection.
  4. I am selling my AYA yeoman side by side 12g 1/4 and 3/4 choke. It has a nice grained piece of wood on it, it has some marks on the stock. The barrels are clean with no pitting, there is a nice colour hardening finish to the action. I am looking for £100 plus RFD fees or face to face, certificate holders only. Please pm your email address for pictures. John.
  5. birdman6

    Ben Long Eagle Glove

  6. birdman6

    Bsa Scorpion Pistol .22

    Gun now sold.
  7. birdman6

    Webley Vulcan .22

    Gun now sold to blade 1of1. Thank you. John.
  8. birdman6

    Webley Vulcan .22

    Another attic find, this is my old Vulcan that i started as a project that never got finished. The metal has lost most of it's bluing and i have started stripping the varnish from the stock, that is the bad points. Now for the good points, the piston and chamber have been polished with sharp edges removed. There is a sleeve in the piston, just needs a new main spring and the stock refinished and this will be a very nice rifle to shoot. I will let this go for £45 posted. pm me your email address for pics. Thank you John.
  9. I found my old scorpion pistol in a box in the attic, i had dismantled year ago to give it a service/tune and never got round to it. The cocking aid and sights are missing and 1 of screws that hold the trigger unit on to the main cylinder, it will need new piston seals, a breech seal and maybe a new spring to get up and running again.This a cracking pistol and would make a good project for someone. I think £30 posted is a fair price. pm me your email address for pics. Thank you John
  10. birdman6

    Weihrauch Hw80

    Gun now sold.
  11. birdman6

    Milbro G27

    Gun gone to porkybella. Thank you John
  12. birdman6

    Milbro G27

    It's your's, pm me your email address and i will send you payment details. Thank you. John.
  13. birdman6

    Weihrauch Hw80

    replied to your pm.