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  1. Cheers Sam my lad is over the moon with the rifle ATB AL
  2. Ok i will have this if you could pm your address AL
  3. zero cos my greyhound x euro poley x angora x micro x 1/16 stoat x weasel will bolt the lot leaving nothing down the hole even if she has to drag em out AL
  4. do you have any pics year last service AL
  5. cheers thats what i wanted to here,the teenage bit eating the poo was a one off thing hopefully,it's the recall thing that's frustrating me if there's no one around she will come no problem but soon as she sees anyone she's off making me look a proper tw@t ,i'm gonna keep her on the lead for a while but the time has to come when i have to let her off and chase the ball along with my other dog AL
  6. ive got her on body builder plus and mince meat same as my 9 year old russel,she was wormed 2 weeks ago with drontel,she just loves getting attention off other people thats when she clocks me a deaf un,ive had her out ferreting and she's good as gold doesn't bother with the ferrets and doesn't wander off,looks like it's gonna be a patience thing and she will steady up in time cheers AL
  7. hi all i have a beddy whippet now 8 months old which i got at 5 months old,she was well behaved did most of the commands without having to repeat myself too many times,brilliant off the lead in the park recall was coming on good then all of a sudden it's as though i'm going backwards,she's started ignoring recall even with a treat for coming back,she wants to run to the nearest person jumping up at them now to top it all my missus caught her eating her own shite in the hallway after she had been out and not done anything it's as though she knows she's done wrong and trying to hide it,ive hea
  8. it's about 5 years old and it started to read short at the end of last season,i'l dig it out and try all brand new batteries to make sure if not i'l be in touch AL
  9. does anyone re-calibrate mk3 boxes or will it have to go back to deben AL
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