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    interests are terriers and pre ban hunting
  1. Need 15ft coller for nocker box asap m,boro area cheers
  2. do the shovels come in 2 pieces mate ?
  3. iv got a little old type fell lakeland bitch she had 30 digs upto now had her 8 month upto now, goin good just gettin a bit hard. an all digs are localish as cant drive an dont have permission lol
  4. i cant find the post mate so i mssged him anyway
  5. just wondering if anyone nos were to buy a good digging spade(round mouth) prefer one [BANNED TEXT] comes in 2 bits if pos , cheers nh
  6. thanks alot some great advice. so my other to dogs iv got i take it its 50/50 chance they,ll get it or not. cheers nh
  7. thanks for the info. the pup [bANNED TEXT] had it had be put to sleep was tryin to protect the other two was goin to get them to the vets to get jabbed up again that should do it do ya yhink
  8. the pup [bANNED TEXT] caught it was 5 month old n was all jabbed up is it normal for this to happen
  9. old timer my two other dogs are showing no symtoms at all would ya still get thm jabbed again cheers nh
  10. old timer123 do you no any tips on keeping my other 2 dogs safe cheers nh
  11. thanks for the replys should i give my other 2 some natural yogurt 2 b on the safe side or do ya think get thm a booster
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