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  1. Sorry i took so long to reply.. Well if the dog can catch it you can take it, but for fast running animals like the Steenbok you will need a dog that can run fast and have stamina that's why i like crossing the Racing Greyhounds with this Greyhounds that you find here in South Africa, 50/50 mix is a much better hunting dog for bucks, but you must know the place where you hunt or you may end up with a broken dog.. I will post some pics of my racing Greyhound x Boergreyhound.. She is still young but learning nicely..
  2. Hi Cupid Stunt.. But still is more Irish than US or Aussie..?
  3. they are getting difficult enough to find in ireland (i.e no american or aussie bloodlines) .The mating you put up is line bred to a very good bitch.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZZ4gOw_y2k video didnt load properly,search youtube for 1990 irish greyhound derby Hello Tinytiger, Thanks for the video. But why did they start to cross the Irish dogs with the american or Aussie lines? coz to what i have seen and read Irish Greyhounds is bit faster than Aussie but not sure about american dogs never had them so cant say anything. This white male in my avatar is a very very good sprinter and that makes his offspring very good when crossed with dogs that have staminna (SA Boerwindhond).. But i like the sprinting power of my Irish male and will do anything to keep the Irish bloodlines as clean as i can..
  4. cheers mate but i cant really take the credit for them they were bred bye someone with over 70 yrs involvement with racing greys the blue dog was in a rescue and i took him to try hunting as he was so young and he has turned into a decent dog but one thing is he is taking an age to mature but when he does we should be laughing them two greys look nice mate what did they hunt mainly??? :thumbs: Jimmy. They are nice anyway lol. Yea some Racing Greyhounds take some time learning to chase. try and let him see something big and see if he will chase.. I had a good laugh with my young Racing Grey x BoerGrey when she found her first rabbit, when she strike the rabbit makes noise then she let go then the rabbit run again then she chase again it went on for 10min then the rabbit got tired and she walked away.. This Count Lani x Foxy Addis male of me seems to take a long time to mature as well.. I normally hunt Rabbits but now and then a buck or 2, but mostly Duiker coz you can find them every where here in South Africa..
  5. Hi Bradaz2009.. Yes it looks like it, yes using a Greyhound for hunting is all in how they work really, coz if they don't know hunting they can die chasing something. I only hear from some one last week that its okay to race them but NO bets. Catch a SpringBok.. Lol if you use a Saluki X or this Boerwindhond with lots of stamina yeah i think they can, but its bit risky trying to catch them coz they run far and going on other peoples grounds is not a very good idea.. We normally hunt Duiker Or Steenbok they are bit harder to catch coz they can really run And some Rabbits
  6. Put her in a Kennel with some males it usaly works very good..
  7. Jimmy or other readers.. What do you think of this mating. http://www.greyhound-data.com/dbtestmating.php?&sireid=1193904&damid=1317899 Pure Irish blood lines are getting hard to find in South Africa and i like them very much, so i think this mating will be good to keep the Irish Bloodline allive in South Africa for some time..
  8. Very nice Greyhounds you have Jimmy, do you hunt with them or race them? I will take some pics of my dogs and post them for you. I will also post some pics of racing in SA, we can race the dogs now but no Betting on them.. I had a very very good racing Greyhound that i used for hunting but she died last year November after i used my male to her.. http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?i=1197352 http://www.greyhound-data.com/dbtestmating.php?&sireid=1685465&damid=1197352 Lennard, Any type of Hunting with Dogs is Illegal in South Africa thats why I hunt on Private Property. The Boerwindhonde are good but i like the speed of Racing Greyhounds, and i dont let my dogs chase while its hot, the South African Greyhounds is just not for me, but if you cross them with Racing stock they get better. it will also depend what you want to chase.. Noting can beat a pure Racing Greyhound with speed..
  9. High Accent


    Hi all, I have a male Racing Greyound with Irish Blood and he is my fastest hunting dog that i have but with that comes heat so cant run many times 3 times the i must hold him, he once nearly died chasing a Steen Buck. http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?i=1193904
  10. Hello Lennard. I dont like hunting jackals, i dont hunt what i cant eat thats how i work.. Hows the dogs doing Lennard? Hello Jimmy, We hunt on private property so no problem what we hunt. I will see how many pic and videos i can take, coz its bit hard to take pics and chase something. I have 2 Greyhounds that we call Boerwindhond but i dont hunt with them they are bit slow, then i have 2 Racing Greyhounds that i use for hunting they are very good. The one is a son of Crokers Nikita from Ierland, then i have that other male Big Time Spartan the son of Count lani and Foxy Addis, but to me the Irish male is a better hunting dog than the Aussie one.. Then i also have one female that is coming from my own dogs, she have not hunted yet but the brothers and sisters of her is doing very good in the field.. What type of dogs are you using that side Jimmy.?
  11. I use Lada Niva 1.7i driving it for 2years now and did not get stuck so far..
  12. Howzit! Yes i did get a pup he is doing very very good,he is having very good speed but im bit lazy to take the dogs out for hunting.. We hunt anything that jump up and Run, im planning a hunting weekend in June or July this year, i will take some pics and put them up and maybe some videos as well.. Thanks for replying..
  13. I'm hunting with pure Racing Greyhounds for 5years now and they are very good, but you get some of them that get hurt much easy than other.. But i wotn cross them i like them pure..
  14. Hi Lennard, i have reply to your post of last year on Boerwindhond..

  15. You people have some very nice dogs.. I love the collie x Greyhounds they are very nice..
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