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  1. Sad loss rip keV very good lurcher man he had collie crosses for many years
  2. over 2000 views, loads of pm's and still have'nt sold a pup. can't think why!
  3. thanks for the replies . i will put some more pics up later. the white pup and the black and white pup at front right are not for sale . these pups where not bred for profit or on a whim . i can trace the perantage on both sides for generations worker to worker .
  4. dogs pups only 150 pounds each based in chester . sire is line bred saluki greyhound 27inch . dam is bull greyhound wheaton greyhound collie greyhound 23 inch . pups are 12 weeks old today wormed to date fed the best grub . these pups will be good allrounders in the right hands .
  5. good pictures, i went friday but did;nt get many pictures . looked wet, got burn't on friday.
  6. it is the mrs birthday today so when i asked her [bANNED TEXT] she would like she said a well hung stallion and this is [bANNED TEXT] i got her .
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