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  1. Many thanks,, that makes sense will get some ordered Ade
  2. Yes I had a look at fourteen acre and the only springs I could see on there are for Larsen mates and are almost twice the length of my ones on the squirrel cage. Might have a look at albi traps as well.
  3. Hi All, Had a squirrel cage trap for a while now had a lot of success with it but the springs now seem to be a bit slack. Do I cut the springs a bit shorter or does anyone know where I can get some replacements? Thanks for any help Ade
  4. any one got any of the above and if so what are they like. They are on offer at John Norris and need a new pair of gaiters. All opinions welcome. Ade
  5. Can anyone help me out with the date of this pleas as I fancy going and having a look. Thanks in advance Ade
  6. No need to specify what or where you are going to shoot with shotguns so there would be no requirement to change your licence at all. Ade
  7. Thanks both for the good wishes, my lad cant wait now. Not too long at all now. Ade
  8. http://www.penrithshow.co.uk/ Just wondered if anyone local or otherwise has visited this show in past years as I am in the area on holiday in July and thought I might give it a try. All opinions welcome, thanks Atb Ade
  9. Seen folks moan about they springwatch program but this season there has been some good bits what with rooks and magpies raiding a rabbit nest to the egg eating badgers sure it's stuff we already know about but it lays proof at the door of our doubters. Have to agree, some of the stuff on Springwatch has no doubt come as a nasty shock to the bunny huggers! Ade
  10. I hadnt noticed your double post, that was me removing one of mine (oopppss). Phew 5 and half hours , you had better take plenty to do on the journey! Not that long to go now really either, just get the end of the school year out of the way and it will be here. Atb Ade
  11. Ah well we will see you there then, definitely fingers crossed for the weather!! youve got a long trip to get there from Devon I, thought it was a long way from the Midlands Ade
  12. Sorry missed yr post, he has the weekend of the 25th July. Enjoy yr weekend, please can you let me know how you get on. Thanks Ade
  13. Thats good advice, I have been having a look but only come up with the brickies hammers so far, hence why I thought a modded one might be easiest and not to mention cheapest! Atb Ade
  14. Hi All, After a bit of help / info, my lad is after a trapping hammer but after having a look around they seem a bit on the steep side to buy! I wondered what you lads use. I seem to remember some talk of modified brickies hammers and wondered if anyone had some pics of theirs or tips for how to turn a brickies hammer into a useful trapping hammer. Thanks in advance for any help Ade
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