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  1. Never heard of that before and my family has had labs for over 30 years, what causes it
  2. Haven't been on here for a while but a mate told me about this thread only lurcher I have at the moment is a lab lurcher he's labxgrey X dhxgh he's about 27" and a solid lump he does lack a little acceleration but nothing to worry about really good prey drive used on rabbits and been in on a couple of other things which he was alright with once he realised what his teeth were for. He's a solid retriever which you would expect a bit nervous and so I have to be careful introducing him to new people and dogs, hunts up a touch on the lamp but nothing really annoying as far as I'm concerned, doesn't look like an obvious lurcher which is ideal in this day and age.
  3. quick google search http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2012/jun/06/how-make-slider-sloe-cider
  4. i was undecided between the 2 lamps mentioned in the thread but ended up getting the clulight and its brilliant nice beam has a little, (whats the word) artifacting but the beam is just right for me light weight and fits in my pocket and at 10watts the battery will last ages
  5. ive got a dhxgh x labxgh and just had him out for his first trip out the other night decent turn of speed lacks a little acceleration natural retreiver but after hes caught he looked like hed shit hisself looked scared witless lol hunted up a little when he missed bujt that was more likely my fault for net getting him easier runs
  6. awesome mate thats brilliant think i can do different heat levels with all the chillis i have
  7. yeah get the recipe put up i need some way to use these chillis up
  8. danger mouse what recipe do you use for that sweet chilli sauce looks great
  9. try here loads of good advice http://chillisgalore.co.uk but chillis arent any harder to grow than anything else where do you want to grow them in side outside greenhouse, but grow a heat level your happy with not like me whos grown loads os fuperhots and now doesnt know what to do with them all
  10. think its parents are secret as there hoping its going to be the new world record holder but looking at it think its naga scorpion based , when i cut it in half the oil started dripping out
  11. just tried a hybrid ive grown called "carolina reaper" oh my its blown everything ive ever tried out of the water and ive red morouga trinidad scorpion and several nagas, i keep wondering why i grow chillis like these dont know what to do with them but im keeping seed to grow for next year
  12. you can check if its going to set by putting some on a cold plate, if it stays runny cook it longer
  13. keep my eyes and ears open round here
  14. ive not bought a product my dogs wouldnt eat from there
  15. its all meat he freezes it in big blocks then band saws it into chunks
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