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  1. parkstone

    Tattoo Set Up

    still available would consider swop WHY
  2. parkstone

    Tattoo Set Up

    im selling my tattoo set up do to change in circumstances., most of the stuff is under 2 months old everything needed to run a professional tattoo studio 2 tattoo machines (1 liner, 1 shader) built and tuned by mania tattoos. 2 power supplies, 2 foot pedals, 2 clip cords, approximately 50 assorted needles and grips (all disposable) 3 sets of ink, ink cups, stencil paper, stencil fluid, cd with thousands of £'s worth of tattoo designs on it, loads of other stuff too much to list. £150 collection only from Rochdale
  3. parkstone

    The Way Terrierworks Going.

    the 2 women concerned obviously need hospital supervision as they are obviously not safe to be allowed out on their own. a very poorly edited tape which to anyone with 1/2 a dozen brain cells could see was a poor attempt to make the 2 lads concerned look bad, but the way the two terrier men behaved is typical of the way most people involved in fieldsports conduct themselves. lets hope the 2 women concerned get help before they cause themselves lasting injuries.
  4. parkstone


  5. parkstone

    Independence For Lancashire

    well id like to support this but I found out yesterday that apparently after rezoning 2 years ago Rochdale is now under greater Manchester "alright our kid"
  6. parkstone

    Tattoo Set Up

    reduced to £175ono
  7. parkstone

    Whippet Picture

  8. parkstone


    its the manual turning model (you turn the eggs by hand) it says it holds upto 60 chicken eggs but ive only used it to hatch tortoises last clutch hatched last week in it then wife and son bought me a new reptile one for my birthday
  9. parkstone


    hovabator incubator, good working condition. £50 ono collection Rochdale
  10. parkstone

    Tattoo Set Up

    Due to change in circumstances im selling my complete Tattoo set up please note this is a profession quality set up not a cheap tacky ebay kit) 2 tattoo machines (1 liner 1 shader ) bought from Mania Tattoos 1 month ago (£75 each) not been messed about with, altered etc. 2 power units, 2 clip cords clip cord and machine covers, 2 foot pedals, transfer paper, inks. ink cups cd with loads of flash tattoo designs on it. far to much to mention everything separately looking for £200ono (collection only Rochdale)
  11. parkstone

    Whippet Picture

  12. parkstone

    Whippet Picture

    due to no longer having whippets im selling a large picture of 2 whippets, its 3ft high by 2.5ft wide dark brown frame collection only from Rochdale (Lancashire) £50ono
  13. parkstone

    White Goldfinch Mule

    stunning bird. has anyone ever bred an all white with red mask?
  14. parkstone

    Ferret/ Dogs Stolen? Read This

    I must be older than I thought as I remember a time you could trust fellow fieldsport's men with your life let alone your stock. very sad if its proven they stole off their own (fellow hunters)
  15. parkstone

    Its Not Raining This Morning ..!

    a nice few meals there, well done