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  1. arnieboy

    Taxidermy Owls

    where are you based mate??
  2. arnieboy

    Sawyer & Juby Traps

    one of each please
  3. arnieboy

    Trapline Mole Traps

    i only use traplines and i find them easy to use very humane and have a very good capture rate . they unfortunatly still get nicked as unless you have a photographic memory or some form of marker that is invisible to the public they go i had over 40 nicked from a golf course i did over 12 months if you still have the traplines lying about give us a pm mate
  4. arnieboy

    Bpca Course

    yes mate
  5. arnieboy

    Bpca Course

    go see them at killgerm there only at ossett
  6. arnieboy

    Wakefield /huddersfield

    give us a pm mate if it still needs sorting
  7. for me as a working class person I say OUT( I don't gain anything from being in that Iam aware of) and only see ethnic scroungers getting treated better than me who is born and bred here .I see rich M P s getting richer and money we need going to something I get no benefit from and no matter how its explained will not see the benefit of so this can only mean leave if the stay group can see how the fcuk giving all the money to a unelected quango will make mine and hundreds of other working class folks lifes better please do tell and soon please as I think Great Britain is fcuked if it stays in europe
  8. int she the british molecatchers bird??
  9. arnieboy

    Mystery Pest

    that looks like a ferret cage traps baited with cat food would be my tool of choice
  10. arnieboy

    Best Bait For Squirrels?

    hazel nuts drilled and wired to cage works for me
  11. arnieboy

    Mink Trapping In Bristol

    ar well that makes it alright then dont it .1st job go out and knock on some doors and explain {as you have on here} how you came about the trap and how your able to beter some hard working persons life by being able to catch pests for them its eay really
  12. arnieboy

    Rat Running Through Water

    is this for sale?
  13. arnieboy

    Rustling In The Void

    had a similar job to this a month ago turned out it was a damaged piece of roof felt rustleing in the void all taped back up job sorted
  14. arnieboy

    Clear Out!!

    if sale falls trough mate I will have this post would be to Barnsley south Yorkshire cheers
  15. arnieboy

    Help With Fox

    pm sent mate