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  1. twat!!! ill be on at 11 when my ban gets lifted ciya then mate
  2. nah! i sit there and do nothing like a lemon
  3. i agree deer poaching has gone on since man could use a dog and since one family had more then t'other no one will stop it it just is the way it is im afraid antis trying to protect animals that there for fathers hunted will not stop it. can you see them out at all hours of the night ? freezing rain,snow, sleet? s'all bollocks to be truthfull! nowt will work there will be convictions but there will never be and end to it. in reply to the murders pedos post they dont care mate its filling numbers on the pc they care about 3 lads with a deer is easyer to catch then 1 man whos killed someone a
  4. thats a bit ungratefull never happened to me though hopefully never will
  5. no hes luckey that deer didnt have a knife
  6. or digging with a terrier like they do in france?
  7. sorry for your loss mate its a horrible feeling isnt it rip yella
  8. iv seen them used made me a bit upset silly thing really whats wrong with a ferret i know if its pest control then its ok but its wrecking alot of specices like hedgehogs stoats weasles
  9. more like bloodey ferrets could catch them all them none belivers of me with my lamping weasles
  10. aha ok ill try that cheers man
  11. awww little ferret i loves them looks like me in the morning yawn
  12. my mate got 3 bews one went to me when he bred a polecat with a bew male but the best breeding i wood have thaght wood be out of bew x bew with some bews down the lines the one i got is a bit mad mind
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