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  1. first try late, past midnight preferably windy night, be quiet take only one dog at a time until your confident, wait till in field then lamp up, find a sitter and keep lamp bang on it and walk calmly to it preferably down wind of it. get as close as possible if still sits steady your dog so it can see, then pssstt!! or kick it, the dog should chase straight away and remember lamp the rabbit and not the dog. if it catches get to rabbit as quick as possible to stop it sqealing, turn off lamp, pet your dog, and put on lead for next one. thats what i was told when i were young. thanks f
  2. How much do you know.Or are you just begining im just begining
  3. hi I am in desprate need of some advice on how to go lamping for rabbits. I have two whippets that are from excellant working stock , but it's me that is clueless. Any advice would be greatly appriciated like how to approach,time of day, weather, or if you can recommend any books. The fields i take the dogs on have plenty of rabbits but they always seem to have thier backs to me or see me first and leggit well in advance. So where am i going wrong?
  4. Thanks guys have just bumped into him again and asked - its an irish stafford
  5. Saw this the other day and managed to take a picture. Just wondered what you thought it is. Is it a cross?
  6. Just wondering how she might get on with our 11 month whippet dog (if u still have her). We are currently waiting for a pup from Mike Brown but could consider having an older dog to save all the puppy months. How is she in the house? Also how is she with small children? (7 year old and 2 year old). by the way, she is a beautiful dag.
  7. She looks fantastic! How old is she? The new pup we're waiting for is going to come from Lena and Sooty's brother (can't find his name!) We must be mad George has only just stopped chewing everything and now we're getting another. Any advice for introducing the two?
  8. thanks for the advice,taking him out tonight for his first time on the lamp
  9. Thanks for the advice - we're planning a trip tomorrow night so we'll try it and see!
  10. No he's out of Glen and Fly Hows Ula getting on? How old is she?
  11. Just thought I'd put phot of our 10 month Mike brown whippet. Getting number two shortly. Have just got a lamp - any tips for novices?
  12. As promised a photo of our 10 month old MB whippet.
  13. its a mikey brown whippet - born July last year. I got him in January off a bloke who had him from MB. Where's yours from? Do you have any pictures? Ours must be from the same litter - mother Fly and dad Glen? Will try and put a photo up but my computer skills are very limited!!! We are having another Mike brown whippet soon to go with number 1
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