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  1. hey was wondering if anyone knows of any free greyhound bitch as i had to put my auld greyhound down to illness and was wanting to get a new one for company as im lost without a greyhound and so is ma lurcher and to hopefully to take a litter of lurcher pups of her in the future , she will be going to a loving home and will be looked after , can anyone help cheers
  2. hey got a manul drag master for sale, used once in great condition looking for £220 pm if intrested.
  3. hey ive got a drag master lure for sale if anyone is intrested its been used once and its still in good condition wanting rid of as i have an electronic one and dont want this one to get wasted sitting in a hut. Im looking for £220- or reasonable offer. if anyone intrested send me a message.
  4. Hey can anyone tell me where i can get a greyhoung racing trap or does anyone have one that they want rid off as i have two pups to train. and i want them used to the bowes before i take them to the track cheers
  5. Try paw wax u will get it from a pet shop
  6. can any one tell me the address for J Darcy books wanting a copy of Now Thats What I Call Lurcherwork. Tried his website but his address isnt on it and ive lost the paper it was in so all info gratefully cheers Grewgirl
  7. I wouldnt say that thier is a best food to give racers, i wood say as long as u give them a balanced meal with low fat u dont want them getting to heavey. I give mine a mix of raw meat either mince or tripe or tripe and chicken together, with veg soup and a couple of slice (brown bread) or they get rabbit or chicken or hare. As long as u keep them at their racing weight , daily exercisse.
  8. Can [NO TEXT TALK] help advice needed Ive got a nearly 2 year old bitch everytime it runs around the track she is coming of lame. Been check allover could'n find anything even Vet check. Is she getting hurted at the bend or is it something else. Has [NO TEXT TALK] else had this problem???
  9. I still say that all show dogs should be in a different show to working dogs. So should Bull X which i dont consider good working dogs. BULL X should have their
  10. Its the same in scotland and ayrshire , its the same dog it wins, nobody has a chance when this goes on.
  11. Do you mean David Hancock ear tattooed lurchers? Yes i did got mixed up reading something else
  12. Ever onwer and thier dogs should have a fair chance and anyway their should be more judges that work themself than those show judge that just like SALUKIES
  13. Why do judges at all the gamefairs and lurcher shows pick show dogs over working dogs, so [bANNED TEXT] they may have scares but this shouldn't stop them being judged fairly
  14. Why is it that if you have a David Hanncock lurchers with its ear- tattooed, they don't get picked to win any shows. It always seem that show dogs get picked over worked dogs. WHY DO ALL JUDGES GO FOR SALUKIES/
  15. I have 2 grews that are out of the racing game soon and im looking for new blood, between pups to year and half . Do [NO TEXT TALK] knows any websites Would be a great help
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