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  1. dickies_dogz

    WANTED 12g O/U

    same mate got a o[u here single trigger ejecter 150 quid shropshire area
  2. dickies_dogz

    One short of the ton today

    love it when things like that happen .
  3. dickies_dogz

    decoying crows

    hi do any of you use a plastic owl decoy was wondering as was going to fetch 1
  4. piss of ugly

    1. YO YO

      YO YO

      you looking in that mirror again

  5. got 3 pat x russell bitch pups 4 sale 6weeks old pm

  6. dickies_dogz


    fair play to you mate i got me redpoll hen on a nest with me goldy just hopeing they turn out
  7. pups dooing well 3 weeks old now

  8. dickies_dogz

    Whippets ratting

    nothin wrong with the whippet ratting mate they make up a good part of any team
  9. welll thats the rain back here in shropshire

    1. paulus


      its rained all night and morning and im only about an hour down the road...lol

  10. well thats the pups tails docked

    1. paulus


      bite and spit...lol

    2. dickies_dogz


      i wish mate had 2 pay the vet


    3. paulus


      sad state were in mate

  11. me pat bitch just had 6 pups 4bitches 2 dogs very pleased

  12. just waitin on me old pat bitch to drop her pups

  13. just got back from sunny spain to this shite rain

  14. dickies_dogz


    so would you shoot them or not duncan as we can c your mad 4 the shooting.or have you never been ask by a farmer to sort a pest out i thought thats why they give permission
  15. dickies_dogz


    the facts r there a pest dont get attached you might go veggie