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  1. mark01856

    .243 Browning A Bolt Outfit

    great rifle and great price. I would take this if you still have it once my variation comes in...
  2. mark01856

    Possible Chemical Attack Hamburg Airport?

    could be a test to see how it travels through the system,before they introduce something more sinister. Or could be a prank, who knows?
  3. mark01856

    Wanted Theoben Rapid

    i know of a mint mk2 in .177
  4. mark01856

    Logan S16

    I had a logun s-16s and it was great... it jammed if you didnt rack the bolt correctly and also if you put crap pellets in it. use the bolt correctly and use good pellets and it is a fantastic rifle. mine only liked logun penetrators and air arms diablo fields.
  5. mark01856

    Took The S10 For A Walk.

    nice rifle mate. and bad news about mixy
  6. mark01856

    Birds "please Add Yours"

    lovely pic of the cattyface mate
  7. mark01856

    Deer Stalking Tips

    its getting a bit nippy round here now. I am told the reds dont come this far down until nearer xmas. will keep my eyes open for em.
  8. mark01856

    Creepy Clown Craze.......

    thats very likely
  9. mark01856

    Deer Stalking Tips

    thank you. I dont want to shoot many at all. the last of the roe i had in the freezer is now eaten, so after another to do for a while. I think they have moved on as i was seeing alot of activity but now nothing. there have been reports of poaching in the area though. I have got a nordik roe caller, but have never really got on with callers. the only success was calling in a fox with a squirrel call when after squirrels..
  10. mark01856

    Deer Stalking Tips

    thank you for your reply.
  11. mark01856

    Jobs How Hard

    get yourself on a trawler... good money if you can hack it... i personally loved it
  12. mark01856

    Creepy Clown Craze.......

    one in barrow outside a school with a knife. weird c...nt
  13. mark01856

    Deer Stalking Tips

    Hi guys. I am very bored at work, looking out window waiting to get into the woods. Anyway, I have a decent permission with roes and reds( reds less often) and was wondering if anyone has any tips on stalking deer? I have shot a couple from there last year. Accuracy is not an issue, I know my rifle and its limitations. It is just an old CZ .243 ( not screwcut-yet) Butchering is not an issue either as i used to supervise a slaughterhouse and hunted since i was a kid. My problem would be the actual stalk. If i see one then i can get to it, but i am struggling calling them in, or even being where they are. The land is 2 sections of woodland about 40 Acre with a field inbetween both woods and vast woodland opposite it which i do not have permission on but the deer seem to come down from the woods opposite and then into my woods. any advice would be much appreciated as i dont think you can ever know enough. Thanks Mark
  14. mark01856


    get urself up to orkney and have a do on the geese
  15. mark01856

    Fury V Klit 2 ..........off Again!

    just heard that too. if its true then goodbye belts