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  1. I take it you read this. You shouldn't always believe everything you read. It's not always true. You want some cream for that burn ? Best to leave these discussions to the grown ups son.
  2. I take it you read this. You shouldn't always believe everything you read. It's not always true. No I know because I have nearly 40 years experience of ferreting and my job is a rabbit catcher so I need to make it my business to know all about the rabbit ... Maybe you should try reading a bit and perhaps you could learn something ........ I am infact a great reader, and I too have many years experience with catching rabbits.While it is true that myxy is thought to be spread by fleas this is not so with RHD which is thought to be spread by contact with other rabbits. If you do a bit of research on the internet you will find that in Spain and Portugal they have done quite a bit of research on this.
  3. I take it you read this. You shouldn't always believe everything you read. It's not always true.
  4. If the reason for there disappearance is maxi or the rabbit virus and there are no rabbits left alive in the area and the rabbits that you are restocking with are healthy (maxi and virus free) then I believe it would work. Maxi and the rabbit virus are spread from rabbit to rabbit and if all the native rabbits in an area have been wiped out there would be no infected rabbits for the restocked rabbits to catch either disease from. That is the theory anyway, I believe this is being tried out on the continent. I would be interested in knowing how successful this is. Is there anyone with any past experience of restocking rabbits.
  5. I don't think it makes a lot of difference work wise but in my experience dogs kept in the house generally live considerably longer than dogs kept all year round in unheated kennels. I suppose this doesn't mater if you only want the dogs for there working years .Mine are always kept in the house.
  6. Hi, do you mean Poachers Pie by Fred Archer. Its quite a common book .I have it in hard back, dont know if its also in paperback.Like I say its quite common and not expensive.
  7. I think its a great idea (though ilegal) there are all these birds of prey in this country which are protected and the wild cat up here in Scotland which is also protected.What are these animals and birds supposed to eat. In Spain they are trying to help the humble rabbit as it is highly regarded as a game animal and as a food source for many other animals and birds. Here in Britain it has been forgotten about. Myxomatosis and more recently VHD. has drasticaly reduced there numbers.It is high time that something was done here to help the humble rabbit.
  8. I have nothing against J.Darcy.His deer book is very popular which just goes to show how many people are interested in deer and dogs yet on a hunting site like this people are not allowed to talk about it.
  9. I cant understand why ,when anyone starts a post on here about PRE-BAN catching deer on here ,the post gets delated.Yet Jonathan Darcy writes a book about it and thats ok It's obvious by the amount of people looking at these pasts that it's of interest to many on the site but it still gets delated..Is it just me or does anyone else think this is strange.
  10. I agree 100%.Many years ago when I started work on a well known highland estate.There were 4 keeper/stalkers and they all kept 3/4/5 working terriers.Most were kept in kennels but 2 of the keepers including the head keeper had terriers which lived with there families in the house. I had 2 young children at the time aged 2yrs and 4yrs. and as I was planning on getting my first terrier which I intended on keeping in the house I asked the head keeper, how the dog got on with his kids.He said that sometimes if the kids annoyed him he would snap at them and that the kids soon learned to leave him alone. I'v had several dogs since then (mostly lurchers and terriers), all kept in the house. Thinking back every one of the dogs Ihat I have had has snapped at the kids at one time or another.The dog would recieve a bauliking and sometimes a light slap,the kids learned not to anoy the dogs.My kids are 24/26 yrs. old now and have grown up learning to love and respect dogs. In my opinion no dog should be trusted with young children but to say that a dog should be put to sleep when it lunges at a 10 yr. old boy when you dont know the circumstances is stupid and it makes me think how sad it is that these people, who keep dogs know so little about them.
  11. Why do people make statements like this shit I dont think it,s shit.I agree with him 100%.I have had only a handfull of lurchers in my 40 yrs of keeping them.I have never parted with a dog once it was mine, so I havent had the amount of dogs that some have ,who get rid of or swap dogs every couple of weeks.But in my limited experience ( I have had collie,deerhound and suluki crosses) the suluki crosses were in a different league from the rest.I am just giving my honest opinion on the dogs which I have had and the ones that my friends have.I realy do rate the suluki.I dont think the pure suluki would do well up where we live (north east Scotland,smallish fields} but the suluki crosses realy do outclass any other crosses that I have seen.
  12. Agree 100%. There are travellers with caravans parked not far from where I live .I walk my dogs past there caravans quite regular and there is a black whippet type lurcher tied outside a small ramshackle kennel, no blanket or anything in the kennel, no coat on the dog on these hard frosty nights I recon it amounts to cruelty.
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