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  1. Gentle

    Odd Colour Kit

    Beggers the question, does anyone take any notice of good advice that is posted on forums? TC That quote is five days old mate. After reading this thread the last thing I want is a litter of deaf kits. That kit will be worked and treated like any other ferret that I've owned. BTW, I said at the start of this thread I planned to breed him next year.
  2. Gentle

    Pics of My Ferrets

    I love the BEW, looks just like mine.
  3. Gentle

    Odd Colour Kit

    Any pics ?
  4. Gentle

    beach fishing last night

    I'll buy you a pint if you push Paul in on your next outing.
  5. Gentle

    beach fishing last night

    Are you Rossi's brother ?
  6. Gentle

    beach fishing last night

    I recognise them pics. Any pics of the ugly ****ers that went with you ?
  7. Mine get let out in the garden every day. I think it's more amusing watching them bounce around than watching eastenders.
  8. Gentle

    keeping cool

    Apart from keeping the hutch in the shade, not a lot. I do let mine out and give the grass a spray with the hose and they have a good roll about in it though.
  9. Gentle

    Odd Colour Kit

    True. It's called Waardenburg Syndrome. Here's a piece on it: We're lucky with our ferret population at the minute, because ferrets are bred for function, not their colour. Please do us all a favour and not breed from that ferret. Ferret populations around the world are in a bad way due to being bred for form over function. Let's try to do our bit and try to ensure that the heath of our ferret population stays that way. Hi mate. Are you talking to me or Fezz ? The last thing I want is to breed dodgy ferrets, what's your veiws on my kit with the patch ? Cheers.
  10. Gentle

    Odd Colour Kit

    This was one of last years kits.
  11. Gentle


    Try this to re size them. http://www.drpic.com/
  12. Gentle


    Personally I wouldn't put a whole rabbit in for them while the weathers hot, it'll be full of maggots in no time.
  13. Not even if we guess the colour and weight of them ?
  14. The one on the right I'll say 6. The one on the left I'll say 2. What's the prize if I'm right ?
  15. Gentle

    Odd Colour Kit

    I've bred quite a few like that in the past from breeding to silvers, have you got any decent pics of your BEW's? I've got plenty of pics of my adult BEW's but none of this years kits. I'll borrow a camera and sort some out soon.