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  1. ya can order it in at chemist down seaham the one over the road from the halifax mate
  2. hawkman

    beddi/whippet x whippet/grey

    dint do it its got pointy lugs
  3. hawkman

    dog shows

    most of the smaller shows are run to make money for the hunts or dog club that run them to keep them going and i have to say some may find them daft but they are nearly always well attended and its a good day out to catch up on gossip and meet mates you may not have seen for a while and see what new dogs they got lol the ones i been to the crack shit and give the dogs there due they can do a rosett single handed but put them on quarry and i think it would be a different story
  4. hawkman

    dog shows

    daft little dog shows who thinks the shite
  5. we would not have far to travel spoke to lads all over country and the best dogs come from north east
  6. hawkman


    Without being sexist Nicola i can t imagine you being much better with a spade shovel who rattled your cage mate just ask jak n meg im a pro with a shovel dug his dog out many a times for the the lazy b*****d! by the way this is me if that is you i would not argue wi you if you had a spade
  7. hawkman

    Berreta xtrema 2

    been thinking about selling mine fully real tree mint 3and a half inch mag
  8. hawkman


    a criminal record is for life not just for xmas mate been in same position myself and got mine why not put in for both shot gun and fac its only one price 50 quid its a think when i got mine 50 for sg and 50 for fac good look
  9. hawkman


    a lad in the north east does mint ones cheep as well due north its called www.duenorth.com
  10. hawkman

    Bedlington x whippet

    mint little dogs mate my mate just lost one ridlington cross knocked down so if any one know were any litters come up would like to know
  11. hawkman

    only me

    not me cock
  12. hawkman

    Barn owls

    well said mate i got that feeling as well if they dont like it you should not do it . you get your owls and do your bit
  13. hawkman

    keeping harris hawks

    i put my H H on bow perch every morning in garden with bath then put in mews on night time unless below freezing then bring in house you can get a tubular greenhouse heater off ebay for 12 quid mate. ive got one and it does the job well. got a bit fed up with my lady moaning every morning thanks for that mate will have a look our lass spot on like wi bird thinks it is talking to her when she walk past it
  14. hawkman

    lamping harris hawks

    want a male to pair wi female and spar for stinkers Stinkers???? Do you plan on putting the male HH with the female soon? Only she'd be a bit young to be paired off yet!!! starlings and female 7 years old so why is she to young My Apologies Hawkman but i was sure i read that she was a 1st year bird!!! Whoops okmate
  15. hawkman

    lamping harris hawks

    no my self i would not but now days things have changed falconers dont walk around in tweed suits just normal people injoying hawks hunt a number of quarry .