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  1. If you want to be happy for the rest of your life never make a pretty woman your wife...

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    2. jukel123


      Jimmy Soul Youtube.

    3. walshie


      So from my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you.

    4. The Seeker

      The Seeker

      Remember everytime you answer a question from the wife consider this


      Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?

  2. Take a lover in the afternoon....Will you marry for the money.....See your innocence slipping away, don't think its coming back soon!

    1. paulus


      youv`e visited simo again then....lol

    2. stabba
  3. Sky Rockets in Flight......

  4. REAL men breed moths...

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    2. lucky


      psycho's like buffalo bill breed moths....lol

    3. scothunter


      aye darcy has simon in his cellar."it puts the lotion in thebasket.or it gets the hose again"/saying this while sticking his cock between his legs

    4. Kay


      are you doing any elephant hawk ones this time ?

  5. Americano's, Blue Jeans and Chino's...

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    2. Kay
    3. just jack

      just jack

      i was thinking more of

      "gay bar" to be honest!!


    4. WILF


      Stop pulling your cock thinking of Holly Johnson ya dirty little wog !!

  6. Duck Sauce ruined a classic! Sacriledge.

  7. "the sausage" f*ckin classic!!!!!!!!!

  8. Giz a job....

  9. Another f*ckin messer!

  10. Mating moths cause high excitement.....

  11. Keeps sending me photos of young boys holding their snakes...

  12. Get up you little fat dumpling...you'll never get a job if you can't get out of bed!!

  13. You are such a clever girl

  14. REAL men breed moths...

    1. hedz31


      Did'nt that strange fella of silence of the lambs breed moths buffalo bill was'nt it lol

    2. WILF
  15. GORDY here i come! Literally!

  16. Wine bottles and watersports!

  17. Do you want to get Jiggy with Mr Biggy? I love to dip my cherry in your sweet chocolate pie..

  18. Carrots......NEVER again!

  19. He might be ugly but he can rustle up a mean slice of toast....

  20. Bolio, Colin's banned from crumpets for breakfast, his hands get mighty slippery with all the butter! ha ha

  21. Just because mine comes back!!!... Messer!

  22. Thinks he's a hard man, but really just a little queen. gets nervous before the Show season starts!!

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