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  1. Cheers for the links, I will have a look and pass on the info.. HPR, could you message me his contact info? Thankyou very much DnN
  2. A very good friend of mine is looking for a Brittany pup, are there any litters planned this year? Ive never seen one in the field myself, so dont know where to start? Any help would be appreciated DnN
  3. Sorry for the delayed response, busy still and dont come on here much. Joe, I'll get some recent pics sent to you when I get some time. Haven't really had much chance to go out with others, but a few months back we had a day driving foxes and he got lucky and jumped one and the dogs had a wee run in among some tight bramble and it slipped out - (towards the guns) Navek, I got some raccoons treed with the gwp in Canada. She took to the job very easily, and treed good enough for me to locate (but a bit loose compared to a good treed dog). The cur dog will be great for this if I get him treein
  4. OK, update on big pup... Hey if I compared him to a collie, I was wrong, he might handle easy, but not like responsive like a collie or spaniel, he likes to look at me when I call him, and then carry on doing things his way, stubborn maybe, but independent and likes to weigh the job up and react in his own time, but still working with me and for me if that makes any sense to you lol. Hunting has escalated from him keeping up with the terriers bushing rabbits, to him hunting so hard and fast that even the gwp struggles to keep up. He dont want to quit a track, he wants a kill and has made s
  5. Hi Roy, I grew up hunting with a collie dog, and in many ways he works the land in a similar fashion to a collie, independent enough to cast out but working with me all the time.They have a character all their own though. He follows the wirehair and they should make a good team as they hunt similar. He's getting pretty confident now and was hard to catch up today after a rabbit hunt, he was so fired up, was like seeing the old bull cross the way he was smashing through the rhododendrons with the wirehair. He can move a hot track away at some pace, and he yips and squalls... I'd say he is prett
  6. Been having some good hunting as Ive been snowed off work....but the snow really hinders the hare so much that Ive been heading down the glen to lower wooded slopes that hold a few rogue populations of rabbits and hunting them instead. I try not to kill many of these bunnies, as I dont have much land that holds rabbits up here, but when the snow is deep like this up the hill the hares are no good to run and have enough to worry about with the foxes we have. We dont have masses of thick brambles here in the woods, but theres a bit about. In general, the ground cover is sparse and patc
  7. Ive noticed.... is the price based on how daft the name sounds?
  8. Should make a good type for a young hunter, Ive seen a fair few Lab X Springer (springerdor haha) that were canny dogs on the hill with the grouse boys. Good luck with him.
  9. Thats not exactly true that they are a different breed, some might have changed somewhat as almost no-one in the UK will keep DD as you need to go and do all the testing/registering. My gwp is mainly Danish lines, for blood tracking, and they are all bred from German VDD stock. Theres loads of VDD stock being bred as GWP in the UK. I'd say buying from the VDD registered stock can be a very good idea, but no need to overlook good working bred lines in the UK as they are just as good, but you do need to be more careful. The good thing about the VDD is that your better guaranteed that your getti
  10. Good luck with him Dixie! Any pics of yours?
  11. My partner brought him back from the other side of the pond, they have several breeds that they group as 'curs' but they are pure bred dogs for working ranched cattle, or hogs. Several strains are bred for hunting, mine is out of dogs that work boar and also tree coons. He is a good dog to have around the place already. I let my GWP teach him all about hunting wee bit at a time, just trying to keep the sessions short and positive, training and stock breaking has gone pretty well so far. Looking forward to finishing him out, just taking it steady and hunting him very lightly, still some knuckle
  12. They love this job! Edit to add: But worth remembering that they hunt silently, and at a gallop! They also work great with other dogs to do this job as a team.
  13. I'll just have to wait and see when mine brakes down, got a busy winter/spring so hopefully she brakes down after, shes not the most reliable timing.
  14. That looks a nice breeding above. All the best with them, I like to see workers top n bottom, and they look like workers! I'm thinking about lining my GWP female to a big fast sighthound based lurcher thats a proven producer. If I go ahead, there might be one or two pups wanting homes. They will suit the role of a hunting/mooching lurcher. I hunt the fells and moors. Both parents are very well tested. The sire has had a long and very productive working life. They will suit big game, where legal. I hunt deer/boar/fox/hare mostly, with some rabbit/squirrel/game-birds. In the future
  15. Most big cats both run and walk with claws retracted, this is how they keep them sharp for catching prey, fighting, and climbing trees. Same as with small cats.
  16. You still got your gwp?Yes sir! You still got your gwp?Yes sir!That would be some experience . She has hunted raccoons and done ok, and she trees on squirrel when Im hunting them a bit in the autumn. House cats too I have a friend who trees the odd bobcat he comes across with his gwp in the States, if his dog finds one, or hits a fresh track. But if you wanted to catch cats regularly, or with any degree of success, you would need some cold trailing ability in your dog, as they cover some ground so you could be trailing 1-2 day old tracks for some time before the cat jumps, ca
  17. You still got your gwp? Yes sir!
  18. Well, appart from all those very elusive big black panthers roaming the wilds, they are talking aboot re-introducing Lynx to several forested areas of the UK including my local Kielder forest. Good times.
  19. I think he was a grew of about 23 - 24 tts, and speaking to the lads who used him, they said they were very happy with the pups he produced, as they were looking to inject some pace and they deffo got it. Me mentioning that my pup didnt make the grade, is not a dig at the stud dog, just my only experience with his blood in my kennel. In fact, I am pretty certain that her faults were not inherited from Boy Blue (lack of heart/desire, being her main issue)
  20. I had a bitch was a grand daughter of boy blue, collie type lurcher, she had the same stamp as bb, sadly never made the grade for me.
  21. Good stuff 'Enry I saw a lot of Muskrat through last summer, and was thinking of many cunning ways to hunt them, rather than trapping them of course. All the best with your hunting mink, they certainly look a lot of fun to work with. DnN
  22. 944409_625250950837119_1986457868_n.jpg Im sure you have something in mind but if you want to use Tigger he has everything to add for a bitch , has been tested and throws some decent stuff there are a few lads on here that are running pups out of him and they are flying Thats a very nice offer Mik, thankyou. I have heard about one or two of Tigger's pups, and they sound great. I dont think I could go far wrong with him.
  23. Roybo, I had to put him down, he saw 8 seasons though, cant complain...he is missed around here, was never a dull moment with that dog around. By feck could he hunt. Navek, Id have work for a dog of that breeding, but not many other folk would, (might be wrong)? Im leaning towards a faster type, the pups wont be greased lightning but Id like to catch the odd critter on the lamp too, as well as daytime on the hill. I'll keep you posted
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