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  1. Very nice, mom died 5years ago and my Dad last year, still miss them. Even me and the old man didnt get on, we were like to pit bull's having a go wish he was here now. BIRD
  2. Nice pup, should fill the bag when its older . BIRD
  3. Spot on , ive had colliex's, bullx's, bitza', whippet [no ped]. A nice whippetx bull or whippetxgrey, would make a good 1st dog. Not to temp , and easy to live with, and very keen, plus good rabbit dogs. Ive got a 1x collie grey, 24ins 58 lb, a strong+hot head .They can be very TRYING Dog, as Socks say's they will feckin test you. BIRD
  4. THL= its a good a site for= % hunting ,20% Dreamers BIRD
  5. Chin up Mate, some times these feckin working dogs break your feckin HEART. Some dogs you just gel with. RIP Celt BIRD
  6. As long as she as had a litter before, you should be ok. The older bitch more probs you can have, the best age is from 2- 7, if she as not had litter before, i would have a serious think about it. BIRD
  7. Spot on, and how many are really game bred.?, you can have 10 pups in a litter, you might get 2 good un's out of it.?? . They are a great breed, but as above there is still rubbish in them as well.?? BIRD
  8. bird

    new pup

    Nice little pup, bitza's can make good lurchers. NAME= Bryn, easy+quick, thats what i call mine. BIRD
  9. Its a typeof pigeon, maybe some body who keeps +races pigeon's would no more mate.??? BIRD
  10. No , but if you are doing it for pest control, you will get more with two than one.??. If sport one dog . BIRD
  11. A nice 36 24 36 and a good cook, hope the wife dont read this. ray BIRD
  12. bird

    one dog

    A long time before Plummer (or anyone else!) started writing books on the 'virtues' of all an sundry crosses, there where Lurchers kept of unknown ancestry and breeding..... Worker to worker, with no definate 'type'..... maybe so but collie and grey have always featured whether it be the old smithfield collie or the present border/beardie x....Poachers of old knew the virtues of such a x....and didn't kill for killings sake. I don't doubt that, Undisputed, collie has always had a part to play (and usually a big part at that!) but for me, traditionalist or not, and being old enough to look back, those old, 'all an sundry types' did the job, and did it well............. I do belive these days, we get far to hung up on what 'composits a lurcher in breakdown' rather than how dogs actually perform under real conditions....??? agree with you totally there mate....I have always had collie x's some with whippet and grey blood and have moved on to 3/4 grey x's I like this x and find it the most versatile for what I do...I think a lot of todays youngsters get hung up on numbers especially on red and thats how the value their dogs by the amount of red they kill and discard them if they dont meet these standards which is not what these dogs are really about..imo Yep, it's about what 'works' for you, your game, not whats in a dogs make up and more of how it performs. Though, I'll admit, I've always chased the numbers whenever I had opportunity BUT for me, it's always been about versitility, rarley directed on one quarry. Bred and worked right, a good lurcher should be a jack of all trades AND a master of one...imo? Spot on, [1] colliexs= 1x , 3/8,. [2] pit bull bitch, ive had both, and very loyal+loving dogs. In the right hands , both make great +honest workers. BIRD
  13. Well done, some dogs learn the hard way, then they kill with out getting Bit. BIRD
  14. Spot on, you must be [ owner] top dog. BIRD
  15. Add a 3/8 collie 5/8 grey dog in the 80s, he would get 8 or 10 on lamp most nights. He had one night 8 rabbits two foxes , on local ground. Got a 1x collie grey dog pup now, it will be next season for him FOR the bigger bags.??? BIRD
  16. Hi Nick, went out last week, only his 2nd night in the lamp and he as had 4 rabbits, its not alot but he is very keen. Went out this morning, he found a mixy and brought that to me. I will try him again , on the lamp wed night, its supposed to be windy. ray BIRD
  17. Hi Nick, ive had both, and i get on better with Dogs than Bitchs. They seem to suite my personality more than bitchs,like Bryn a feckin nutter . ray BIRD
  18. Great, he must still be quite fit for his age, foxes arnt slow. Ive seen younger dogs , that struggle to pick up a fox , pre ban days. My old bitch [bitza] who died at 13, would tackle anthing, and still catch the odd rabbit at 10 years old. She was 1/4 collie, grey,whippet, ?, 25ins and 55lb the best catch dog i ever had. [ Bess] BIRD
  19. A good 3/8 collie 5/8 greyhound, if you drop on a good one, they will do every thing you want. BIRD
  20. bird


    ROB ROY= 100% better BIRD
  21. bird

    Khan vs Presscot

    its no good having a GLASS JAW in that Game. SPOT ON Tommy BIRD
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