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  1. where you from mate , i think if you get the right bred dog , there nothing can touch them regards the job they do , which is control anything that bites back  . funny thing is the 1st poper bullx grey i ever saw was Tug 1x satff x grey  he was 26in brindle / white  just like a leggy staff , but fook me could he kill foxes day night  not bad speed and agilty, very strong dog with good jaw on him, he was bred in the black country  not far from where i was born  WOLVES  . It was seeing him work made me like  like pit x grey i had 3, but none were as good as what Tug was . i only keep herding type xs as you prob know , had few colliesx greys still got old Bryn now 11 in sep, but Buck deff the best herding type x of the lot of them, the gsd x grey far better x than any colliex grey,  he catch rabbits easy for big dog and do big deer and kill foxes solo , Bryn never would, but at my age now 65    taking the odd  deer or fox will do me know  , maybe have a pup out of Buck in the future   nice grey bitch he nice pups out of that, but 3 years away when old Bryn gone the prat still fit lol , and i only keep 2 dogs at any one time .  Ray

  2.  nice pups  ,and good breeding  , great for ferreting  and nice bit of lamping,  a lad on moochers on the sale sec  looking for collie whippet type pup  , might be worth a pm . Ray    

    1. Terry Ermann

      Terry Ermann

      Thanks I’m not looking for homes for them though.

  3. back on , thanks richie , mods, ian-b ,

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    2. walshie


      Couldn't you get on? You should have said!lol

    3. Bosun11
    4. bird


      lol thanks , what was the prob anyway .?

  4. well done WOLVES keep at'um

  5. see physo again to day, for check up+exersice for m injured shoulder

    1. walshie


      You're seeing a psycho? Oh I see. Good luck mate.

  6. speeding will be £ 100 quid+3 points 15 mile mph over twats

    1. freelance


      Feck me, am not surprised with your driving ray.....lol

    2. bird


      ,yeh got to crank it down lol suppose not to bad 40 odd years driving, will slowdown now

    3. oxo


      just got the same, twats, 35 in a 30

  7. good day to day, nice walk with good lads + dogs

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