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  1. Whilst not leaving your car with the engine running etc., is good advice, the message in the original post is from a well known hoax email. Hoax Email
  2. Bucknut, you ever lived in Wallsend? Knew someone a while back went by the same name. EDRD is a good read, you can subscribe for 3 months if you want to try it out.
  3. TBF, not sure if you are using Outlook/Outlook Express, but setting one or two message rules up will sort the crap out. I used to get loads, never get any now. Just been on to Orange (probably the best for letting spam through) home page to view my account, 367 messages in the junk box, and 106 unopened. So now if i open Outlook i will connect with the Orange server and i might get one or two personal emails the rest stay with Orange and get dumped in the "junk box", and then are deleted after seven days. Most spam that you get will be a corruption of your email address, EG: big@fish.huntinglife.co.uk, is your address. As long as the bit after the @ is the same it's coming your way. So, xxxxx@fish.huntinglife.co.uk, will get to you. If you set a message rule up say if the TO/CC line does not contain "big"- delete from server, you'll never see them. (if you have more than one account you would have to add that word as well, eg, son@, you would add "son" to the list) If they are using your correct address you can set up a list of words to look for, if any of the words are found in the email, delete from server. Delete from server is in the "select action box" scroll down to find it. This link might help Message Rules Also a search on google for setting Outlook message rules might help also. Of course, if you're not using Outlook/Outlook Express please disregard the above.
  4. I thought it was 10% + 2mph over the limit before the camera is triggered. So in a 60 zone you wouldn't get flashed until you went over 68mph, i may be wrong.
  5. Is it just me or are there no rats in the painting ? With half the dogs dashing around i would have thought the odd rat would have been there, dead or alive, to help illustrate the point. I can't think of another painting of terriers ratting that has no rats in it. Unless of course I've missed them. Or it was painted for some sort of Spot The Ball competition. Place your cross where the rat is.
  6. Yellow pages springs to mind or here Kent
  7. borderterrier


    Agree with Millet, or if you've recently added any anti virus/spyware software they may be blocking the site where the image is hosted.
  8. The nearest is probably Thorn Dell I've also heard that Dinnington which is clays caters for a small number of air rifles. Best give them a call and they might be able to point you in the right direction, don't be surprised if there is a waiting list. Used to go to one next to Benfield school about 35 yrs ago which i think is long gone. You could always try to get some permission, much more interesting. Good luck.
  9. Here you go, Link to targets
  10. We are all equal, but some are more equal than others.
  11. So going off the above statement it is also true WHAT MIGHT BE SHITE FOR YOU MIGHT BE GOOD FOR SOMEONE ELSE, AA fields .22 5.51's are spot on in my 410.
  12. They look a bit better than the Webley Junior i had as a kid.
  13. Agree, for the money spot on. For those that have had a slight mishap, check out the "spare parts" in the link below. Combro - Homepage Their batteries are also quite reasonably priced.
  14. A shitty orangey brown colour, looks like a colour British Leyland would have used in the '70's
  15. An interesting topic, alas, as already said, Government never seem to listen to common sense. Whilst not opposed to a licence scheme, i don't think it will stop the idiots getting hold of them and making mischief. Perhaps beefing up the punishments for the existing laws might be a way to go.
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