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  1. Hi Kirstin, Sorry for the late reply! I’m sure you probably have made contact with someone by now. If not drop me a message ?
  2. Hi Kirstin, I am in Great Horkesley - I’m pretty sure you will be inundated as others have said with offers. What surrounds the land you own? I only have shotguns now but have a feeling if there are others around you then a good air rifle may be more subtle and more productive with less annoyance for locals! I would be more than happy to drive over and have a look at some point or help out another shooter with lamping them. Wetton
  3. Long time member and rare poster here! I am looking for beating opportunities around the Colchester/Suffolk border. We are hopefully soon going to be welcoming a GSP puppy into our family and I am looking to find regular beating/picking up opportunities and land to train our new pup on. If anyone has any suggestions or can point me in the right direction it would be gratefully received - especially close to Colchester! ?
  4. Essex buddy. What you interested in?
  5. Currently waiting for my SGC to land on the doorstep. Have a few items I would like to sell or swap as they are just sitting here doing nothing. Looking to Swap for a nice O/U shotgun 12g. Would take offers on items below for a group swap or cash either way. Let me know what you have got. Have a friend local who is willing to put on his certificate and hold shotgun until my license arrives. Face to Face is preferable but would consider smaller items to be posted. Here it goes: Iphone 3GS 16gb in white: £120 posted 213bar refilling cylinder with refiller valve for Air Arms OUT OF TE
  6. Well an update! Since the last message my son has been born and i havent been able to get out much! he is now 6 months old ish well nearly and i now get some free time do use on my hobbies. I am still seeking somewhere to shoot vermin. I have approached one retired farmer in billericay essex and he allows me to shoot on his land however there is no quarry available there. So im a bit stuck! im off to oxfordshire in April to do a commercial pilots course and would really love to use the S200 a little before i go! It would be great if someone would take me along! kindest regards Tom
  7. Thanks for all the kind offers! cant wait to go out...still not actually gone out but thats fine by me as i have a new lamp on the way and a bipod. If anyone wants a partner this weekend etc drop me a message thanks tom
  8. Thankyou for your advice and knowledge its been of great help. And thanks to the people that have offered to take me out ill keep at it in the local area and hopefully will get somewhere local as well soon!
  9. Hello are there many people from essex near the Chelmsford/Southend sort of area on this forum. Ive been shooting for two years but have yet to come across someone who will let me shoot on their land. Ive approached smartly dressed spoken well manored explained myself and had proof of insurance along with other documents. I do feel its an age thing. Ive just turned 20 and am asking fellow elder air gunners with some land if they would be willing to let me come out with them. If it suits i have no need to bring my gun however that would be very nice. Any Advice help or offers would be gratefull
  10. bought it to check the power on a second hand S200 that i bought which was well over powered now i have powered it down there is not really any need for me to keep this chronograph. its been used once on my rifle and once on another. Its in absolutely mint condition still have the invoice box and packaging. Price £35 Posted or fair offer! please email thomaswetton_uk@hotmail.com with offers or sale enquiry The cb-625 MK4 is a compact chronoscope specifically designed for .177 and .22 airguns. Use it as a tuning aid, consistency test, to get the most out of a cylinder of air / gas, t
  11. hey fella, is the rifle still up for sale? cheers Tom
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