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  1. He likes 2 tickle his a tonsiles with man meat!!! Ha ha ha

  2. Arite sam how's that bullx bitch coming on??

  3. I only wear them because your mrs likes me in them when I'm smashing her backdoor in!!!

  4. He likes 2 dance around the house in a tutu and pink fluffy slippers!!!

  5. He likes 2 dance around the house in a tutu and pink fluffy slippers!!!

  6. I'm this mans hero!! ;-) ;-)

  7. I love rubbing my cock in his curtings after I've shagged the arse off his mrs!!!

  8. Arite mate been trying 2 pm u your inbox must b full a mate of mine intrested in using your beddyx pm me mate atb cbx

  9. Only boy I know can sit on the back of a jackrussell and his feet can't touch the floor!! Waaaaaah!!

  10. Still got your snuggie and cow shaped slippers u bum

  11. What u up 2 pablo escabar!!!

  12. FAGGOT ha ha ha ha BUMMER!!!

  13. FAGGOT ha ha ha ha BUMMER!!!

  14. pup had another rat yesterday number 4 now hes f*****g mental over the moon with him cracking litter we bread mate il email u some pics atb cbx

  15. pup killed 3 rats now mate aint bad 4 6months

  16. hows that pup over there meat head

  17. top feller top dogs but mad as f**k hope 2 have a night out soon mate

  18. if god wanted us 2 b gay he would have made adam and steve u bummer

  19. the only man i know that got a bigger nose than is cock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. can i kill your cat pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeee!!!!!!! lol

  21. rags u b*****d!!!!

  22. i wud hav tucked straight into is ribs

  23. worse shot ive ever seen with a gun cud hit a cow from 5yards with machine gun and hes gay!!!!!!!

  24. bullgreyhound 4 a pro a gun 4 show waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!

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